Rick and Morty fans have new Fortnite skins to snag: Mr. Meeseeks and Queen Summer

You can have a full family squad at this point.

Image via Epic Games

Rick and Morty fans have been eating good for the past few weeks, with new content from the Adult Swim show coming to multiple games. Fortnite is already jam-packed with crossover skins, and it just got two more.

As announced on the Fortnite blog, Summer and Mr. Meeseeks are now in the game. Meeseeks has his usual look, while Summer does battle in her Raider Queen getup from the show’s Mad Max-inspired episode. The duo can now be purchased in the Fortnite Item shop, and the same goes for the Mecha Morty skin, which just made its return.

All three are available individually, with bundle options for each skin. Grabbing Summer, Meeseeks, or Morty gets you the costume plus their respective back blings: the Glorzo Egg, Meeseeks’ box, and Morty’s backpack. Those cost 1,500 V Bucks apiece. For 2,100 V Bucks, you can get the Queen Summer or Mr. Meeseeks bundle. Hers includes the skin, back bling, Gutsy Grabber pickaxe, and Glorzo Fighter Ship glider. His has the skin, back bling, Summoned Katana pickaxe, and Meeseeks Manifest glider. Get a look of those in the image below.

Image via Epic Games

As for Mecha Morty, his bundle is priced slightly higher at 2,200 V Bucks. In addition to the skin and back bling, it includes the Space Snake pickaxe, Look At Me wrap, and Get Schwifty emote. That’s one more cosmetic versus the other bundles, hence the extra 100 V Bucks.

If you decide to team up with friends for a full four-person squad, the entire group can sport a different Rick and Morty look now. In addition to Summer, Meeseeks, and Morty, Fortnite has a Rick Sanchez skin. That was added a while ago, during Chapter 2 Season 7.

Those wanting to use as the mad scientist and his grandson in MultiVersus can also do that. The spacefaring screw-ups have been added to Warner Bros.’ platform fighter as part of its first season. Like in Fortnite, you can play as Morty, as Rick, and as plenty of other characters too.