Staple character Cid finally returns as an active party member in Final Fantasy XVI

Welcome to the party, old friend.

Image via Playstation YouTube

Fans of the Final Fantasy franchise can always expect a few things in each new entry, mainly that they will ride Chocobos and meet a character named Cid at some point. That said, players haven’t actually gotten to adventure with a Cid as an active party member since Cid Highwind enamored fans in Final Fantasy VII back in the 90s. Final Fantasy XVI is just coming off of an official preview session before its launch this summer, and lucky players actually got to play a demo where the main character, Clive, fights alongside Cid as an active companion.

According to Easy Allies’ first-hand experience with the game, the demo included during the sneak peek of Final Fantasy XVI let players control Clive during a castle gameplay section. Accompanying him are his trusty dog Torgal and another party member revealed to be Cid. It is mentioned that Cid is a companion for this entire portion of the demo experience. They do not confirm whether or not the demo has made major alterations to the in-game experience, but it would be a huge misdirect to include Cid as a companion simply for a preview.

The major characters in Final Fantasy XVI function as vessels known as Dominants for the many different Eikons (also called Summons in the Final Fantasy series) that inhabit Valisthea. It is believed that Clive might be the Dominant for Ifrit. Cid, on the other hand, is the Dominant for the thunder god Ramuh. He is voiced by Ralph Ineson in the English version and retains his love for building things.

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FFXVI launches on June 22 for PlayStation 5 with little to no chance of a delay. The game has been mentioned to be released at a later date for PC as well, but it has yet to be solidified. Fans can expect wild Eikon fighting spectacle with action combat similar to Devil May Cry 5 and many other character surprises along the way.