The Binding of Isaac’s Creator Says a Fortnite Crossover is Coming

The Binding of Isaac’s creator Edmund McMillen has expressed interest in a Fortnite crossover, asking who he needs to speak to.

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Image via Edmund McMillen and Epic Games

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On December 16, 2023, iFireMonkey reshared a post from Edmund McMillen’s TikTok where he clarified that there is no The Binding of Isaac crossover coming to Fortnite. Initially, he replied to a post on Twitter as if there were as a joke.

However, he has added that there’s still the possibility that this crossover could happen, provided he is able to speak to the right people. In our original article below, posted on December 9, 2023, the timeline made it look as though Epic Games had jumped at the chance for a crossover, but this simply wasn’t the case.

Original article

The Binding of Isaac is a beloved roguelike that’s grown in scope with every expansion alongside its fan base, who adore the visuals and the way they can jump in, and no two runs will ever be the same. Today, its creator seems to have closed a deal on a Fortnite crossover.

Epic Games somehow manages to score incredible collaborations with major franchises, characters, brands, and more. Every new season drops in the next most incredible crossover, whether it’s Spiderman or, more recently, Solid Snake. Today, though, The Binding of Isaac fans were stunned and overjoyed when the game’s creator, Edmund McMillen, explained how he was very open to a collaboration with Epic Games to bring the franchise to Fortnite and looks to have made a deal already.

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Edmund McMillen Asks & Receives a The Binding of Isaac X Fortnite Crossover

Today is the third and final day in what has been a trio of successes for Epic Games’ Fortnite. Over the past three days, the company has released LEGO Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival within the Fortnite ecosystem, drawing in millions of players. The game has seen a new lease of life that’s gone beyond what the incredible OG Season achieved.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement, in response to a question on Twitter, The Binding of Isaac’s creator has shown how interested he is in a crossover between his title and Fortnite. While it’s open to interpretation, the words he wrote sound rather serious to us. “Tell me who to talk to and I’ll make it happen.”

Fans of both games couldn’t be more thrilled about the idea. One even tagged the official Fortnite Twitter account in the conversation, to which Edmund McMillen replied roughly one hour later with the words, “We did it!”

It’s hard to know how serious McMillen is about this, but what is clear is that he’d be doing his fans and his game a disservice by lying. We’re optimistic about the outcome though, since McMillen has a proven track record of completing things he says he’ll do very quickly. A great example is The Binding of Isaac’s recent multiplayer beta launch.

As should be expected in these situations, fans have gotten carried away far too quickly. One has even used MS Paint to mock up the skin and items players could get as part of The Binding of Isaac X Fortnite crossover when it comes to fruition.