The Witness, Calus, and The Collapse 2.0 get a deep dive in the latest Destiny 2 Lightfall dev diary

Learn more about The Witness and its disciple.


Screenshot via Bungie’s YouTube channel

Bungie has released yet another developer insight video where the team that built Destiny 2 Lightfall discusses its biggest threats. This includes the most powerful enemy in the universe, The Witness, its disciple Calus, and The Collapse 2.0, which is about to start in the new expansion.

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Following on from the launch trailer shown during Sony’s State of Play event, this latest developer insight video explores the two key villains coming to Destiny 2 with Lightfall. The first is The Witness, the main antagonist of Destiny 2 that’s been hinted at for years. Now that it’s finally here, it’s reaching out to take Light from the Traveler. One Destiny 2 developer explains that all the stuff Guardians have been doing, fighting desperately for their existence, is below The Witness. This enemy is so powerful that anything we would consider normal life is on another plane of existence to it. We are but bugs on a Pyramid ship’s windshield to it.

The video clarifies that Calus is the main antagonist of Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion. He has seen The Witness’ power and believes he can finally have the luxurious life he deserves through servitude to it. That’s why he’s dedicated himself and his forces to the dark being and why he’s invading Neptune. The Veil, a great power hidden on the planet, is something The Witness and Guardians both want. Calus is there to ensure he secures it for The Witness and gets the riches he deserves.

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Something we found quite disturbing about this video is that the events of Lightfall are being called the start of The Collapse 2.0. The Collapse was the catastrophic event when forces of The Darkness found The Traveler on Earth and attacked it. The Traveler fought back by creating Guardians before falling silent. Now, The Traveler is awake, maybe even going on the offensive, but it sounds like it won’t be enough to stop The Witness. A being that can shear Guardians into pieces with the flick of its wrists must require a powerful weapon to stop, and The Veil sounds like the only thing that will do it.

Understanding that Calus is still the same Cabal he always was is interesting. In a way, he’s using The Witness just as much as The Witness is using him. It almost sounds as though Bungie is hinting at a twist somewhere in the story, but we’ll have to wait until Lightfall is released next week to find out what that looks like.