Two insanely cool Legendary Pokémon debut in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet leaks

Here come more Legendaries.

Image via The Pokémon Company

Spoiler warning for Pokémon Scarlet and Violet: don’t read further if you want to remain clueless about the new games. As the leaks wind down for the day, leakers share a final good look at two new Legendary Pokémon coming to Scarlet and Violet. The two Legendaries are a fire fish Pokémon and a giant grassy snail Pokémon.

Based on previously shared rumors, the fire fish should be a fire and dark-type Pokémon, while the grassy snail should be a grass and dark-type Pokémon. The designs for both Legendaries are solid, giving each Pokémon an air of superiority and intensity not found in typical Pokémon. These Pokémon look stronger than most other Pokémon, with the snail especially having a malicious presentation. Their typings suggest that these Pokémon are not fully innocent and capable of doing evil acts befitting of dark types.

Previous rumors for Scarlet and Violet claim the games will have a set of four Legendary Pokémon separate from the two boxed Legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon. Based on the rumors, the four Legendaries have the dark typing plus a unique typing separate from the rest of the Legendaries. The four Legendaries are a fish, a snail, a deer, and a tiger. None of the leaked images have revealed how the four Legendaries tie into the main storyline or if they are related to Koraidon or Miraidon.

Other Legendary Pokémon that are part of the leaks are the ancient and future “Paradox” Pokémon, which include Paradox Jigglypuff, Tyranitar, Hydreigon, and more. Other leaked Pokémon include Gimmighoul’s rad new evolution, Wiglett’s evolved form Wugtrio, Armarouge and Ceruledge’s pre-evolution named Charcadet, Dunsparce’s underwhelming new evolved form known as Dudunsparce, a pair of mice Pokémon labeled Tandemaus, and the three starter evolutions of SprigatitoFuecoco, and Quaxly.

All the leaked images are not official announcements from The Pokémon Company or Nintendo and should be taken with a grain of salt.