All playable characters in One Piece Odyssey

One day we’ll be king of the pirates.

Image via Bandai Namco

One Piece Odyssey is an upcoming turn-based JRPG that is developed by ILCA Inc. and is being published by Bandai Namco. It’s based on the famous manga/anime written by Eiichiro Oda and is part of the franchise’s 25th-anniversary celebration.

Odyssey features a new story where the Straw Hat pirates get stranded on a mysterious new island, get separated, and lose their respective abilities. The crew will have to explore the island while also getting lost in their memories of past adventures. With such a large cast, it’s worth looking at which characters from the One Piece universe will be playable in Odyssey.

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Fully playable characters in One Piece Odyssey

Monkey D Luffy

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Luffy is the aloof captain of the Straw Hat pirates and one day aims to achieve his goal of being the king of the pirates by finding the legendary One Piece. One day, after accidentally eating the Gum-Gum fruit, Luffy’s entire body turned to rubber, allowing him to do all sorts of things with his body.

Luffy has a wide variety of abilities and an even bigger list of friends and enemies. No matter where Luffy goes, he’s sure to make friends, fight evil, and eat a ton of food.

Roronao Zoro

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Formerly known as Pirate Hunter Zoro, Roronoa is often considered the first mate of the Straw Hat crew. Before joining the crew, Zoro had a reputation for being a bounty hunter. His ultimate goal is the become the greatest swordsman there ever was, and his fighting style is called the “three sword style” since he carries a sword in both hands and one in his mouth. Zoro is considered one of the Monster Trio, the three strongest members of the Straw Hat pirates.


image via Bandai Namco

The chief navigator of the Straw Hat pirates, Nami wants to one day map out the entire world of One Piece. She was initially part of the Arlong Pirates, a group of fishmen who enslaved her hometown but offered to leave once a ransom was paid. Nami joined the Straw Hats once Luffy defeated Arlong in battle, and her hometown was saved. Knowing she doesn’t hold a candle to the strength of Luffy or Zoro, Nami likes to use strategy and tricks up her sleeve to best her foes.


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Usopp is the son of a famous pirate and the resident sniper of the Straw Hat pirates. He’s great with all things artillery and range but quite the coward when facing his foes. Despite this fact, Usopp dreams of being a brave warrior of the sea, just like his father. Usopp is shown to be an expert marksman, engineer, and strategist.


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No one knows food (and women) as well as Sanji. The only thing that might rival his cooking skills, is his ridiculous fighting skills using only his legs. He was raised by the pirate/cook Zeff as a child and taught everything he would need to one day obtain his dream of finding the All Blue, a legendary place where all the oceans in the world meet. Sanji’s fighting style is based on Brazillian Capoeira, French Savate, and Korean Taekwondo.

Tony Tony Chopper

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Although he looks nothing like one, Chopper is actually a hybrid reindeer/human, which happened after he ate the Human-Human devil fruit. He’s the doctor of the Straw Hat pirates and one-day dreams of being able to cure any and every disease.

Nico Robin

image via Bandai Namco

Once an enemy of the Straw Hats, Robin was the vice president of Baroque Works, a crime organization trying to destabilize the Arabasta Kingdom. After her boss turns his back on her, Robin joins the Straw Hats as their archeologist in order to uncover the true history of the world, which the World Government is hiding. Another devil fruit user, Robin ate the Flower Flower Fruit, which allows her to sprout her body parts from any surface.


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Iron Man Franky is a cyborg and head of the Franky Family, an organization of bounty hunters and ship dismantlers. Franky’s knowledge of shipbuilding is the only thing more impressive than his augmented body. Frank built the Straw Hats their current ship, the Thousand Sunny, and eventually joined their crew as their shipwright.


image via Bandai Namco

Brook is many things, but being alive is not one of them. He’s a musician and a skeleton, the only remaining member of the Rumbar pirates after he ate the revive-revive devil fruit, which saved him from death. He’s silly and tries to see the positive side of things, quickly becoming one of Luffy’s best friends.

Guest characters

Jinbe & Crocodile

image via Bandai Namco

Jibei has a long history with the Straw Hat pirates, helping them out on multiple occasions and giving them essential context to the history of the world. He’s a Fishman who was once a warlord of the sea and went on to eventually join Luffy’s crew.

Crocodile is another former warlord of the sea, ex-president of Baroque Works, and one of Luffy’s most vicious arch-enemies. He appears multiple times in One Piece, usually being chaos and mayhem along with him.

Portgas D. Ace

image via Bandai Namco

Fire-fist Ace was the sworn brother of Luffy and head of the Spade Pirates. For many years he was hunted by the World Government for reasons unknown to him. His fire devil fruit powers are considered one of the strongest in all of One Piece.

Trafalgar D. Water Law

image via Bandai Namco

The current user of the Op-Op fruit, Law is one of the greatest allies of the Straw Hat pirates. He has a long and bloody history, driven by his desire to free the world from tyranny and obtain the One Piece. His devil fruit powers allow him to create spheres and manipulate matter within those spheres.

Adio Suerte

image via Bandai Namco

Adio is a character original to One Piece Odyssey. He has also washed up on the same island as the Straw Hat crew and quickly becomes allies with them. As of yet, he has no confirmed abilities, nor do we know if he has devil fruit powers.