Genshin Impact 1.5 – Release date, content, new characters, leaks, and rumors

All the information you need to know.

Genshin Impact

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With the Windlbume Festival underway, all eyes have turned towards Genshin Impact update 1.5 for new content, leaks, and rumors. Genshin Impact players are eternally interested in the future of the game, so in this article we will try to collect as much information as we can about the upcoming 1.5 update.

Remember, nothing is official until confirmed by miYoHo, and the majority of this article will be based on leaks and rumors.

Release Date

1.5 has been confirmed for April 28 in a new trailer that was released on the official Youtube channel.

Leaks and Rumors

New Characters

There are two new characters that have been leaked for 1.5. These will arrive in the game with their own Banners, although the leaks say nothing about the order they shall appear in. Yanfei is a 4 Star catalyst user, so you can expect her to appear on a Banner with the returning Zhongli. Eula is a 5 Star Claymore user, a physical damage specialist, and will head up her own Banner.

The return of Zhongli

Good news for anyone who missed out on Zhongli the first time, it looks like his Banner will be returning. This rumor actually has a lot of weight behind it, as we have had both Venti and Childe return in recent weeks.


The biggest rumor about 1.5 is that it will introduce a house feature. This is reportedly why this update has a beta, as the housing mechanic will be a complicated addition to the game. This is big news, and will feature furniture, decorations, and a new house specific currency.

Housing will apparently take the form of a special player owned Domain called Homeworld, and players will be able to gather up resources out in the world, bring them to the domain, and turn them in to various types of furniture.


There are rumored to be three new events over the course of 1.5, rolling out roughly every two weeks. There will also be new Hangout quests with different characters.

Two of the events will reportedly center around a new Electro boss, and a new Geo boss.

Items, Artifacts, Weapons

A new Domain will introduce two new artifacts, but we don’t believe that this involves a map expansion at this time.