Genshin Impact leakers are revealing old kits of popular characters

A blast from the past.

Screenshot by Gamepur

Genshin Impact is well over three years old, and there are plenty of characters that have withstood the test of time. As a gacha game, it’s impressive that three years’ worth of characters has maintained viability for most of the content in the game. Even older characters have received some love from HoYoverse, and have seen changes in their kits to better fit the game. Now, leakers have revealed some older kits for beloved characters that were present in different closed betas of Genshin Impact.

Xingqiu and Chongyun are two 4-star characters who went through several changes in the beta. In their current iteration, Xingqiu is considered one of the strongest characters in the game, while Chongyun is a niche Cryo support who can convert your Normal Attacks into Cryo DMG. Xingqiu is renowned for his high damage and great Hydro application, thanks to his powerful Elemental Burst. Meanwhile, Chongyun has one of the strongest nukes in the game with his Elemental Burst.

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This wasn’t always the case for these two characters, however. For Chongyun, the leak posted on Reddit purportedly shows Chongyun’s old kit. The video shows the Traveler acting as Chongyun, although there is a mixture of Pyro attacks as well. It appears that Chongyun was able to place down three claymores onto the field which would unleash Cryo attacks at certain time intervals.

Meanwhile, Xingqiu’s old kit seemed to split his Elemental Skill into two charges. Currently, his Elemental Skill is a two-strike attack. However, his old kit split his two strikes into two separate charges. His current Elemental Skill is likely stronger, due to its synergy with the Sacrificial Sword but would not have worked well with his old Elemental Skill. His Elemental Burst looks the same.

Both Chongyun and Xingqiu have much more developed kits in the game now. However, this does show the amount of work that can go into your favorite characters in Genshin Impact.