How does the PS5 DualSense Create button work?

All you need to know about the Create button.

How does the PS5 DualSense Create button work?

The PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller is one of the most exciting aspects of the console. While the controller inherits the button layout of its predecessors, the overall shape has undergone some significant changes. Sony briefed us about the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers present in the controller during the announcement, however, there is little known about the Create button, which is the replacement of the Share button from the PlayStation 4’s DualShock.

Sony revealed that the button will allow players to share photos, videos, and “epic gameplay content.” It’s expected that Sony will be incorporating a much more refined form of the Share feature. It is also speculated that it will allow players to share the game’s current state with a friend so that they can ask for help, something which is already present in Google’s Stadia. However, it seems like there is much more to the Share button apart from normal gameplay sharing features, according to a recent patent filed by Sony.

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As spotted by Neogaf user bitbydeath, the patent will allow players to create minigames that other players can play. For instance, if you scored a really good goal in Rocket League and would like others to replicate the same, you can recreate the exact moment in the game for others to experience. This can take the gameplay sharing feature to a whole new level as it will add a lot of immersion to the iconic moments.

That being said, since it is a patent, there’s no surety that this feature will make its way to the DualSense controller. On top of that, a lot depends on the number of games that are actually able to utilize the feature considering the fact that even Stadia State Share has very limited compatibility and this feature is far more complex than that.

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