5 Things We Can Expect From Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC

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The Splatoon 3 Side Order DLC is probably the biggest unknown in the Splatoon world right now. Since its announcement almost a year ago now, we’ve had no official updates on what’s going on with the DLC or hints at any kind of story direction. However, we do have a few threads to pull that may just give us some answers as to what to expect. In this article, we’ll piece together what we know about the Side Order DLC:

Pearl and Marina in Main Story Roles (Again)

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As you may have noticed in the initial reveal for Side Order, Marina and Pearl are both involved. This is the second time they’d appear in DLC, the first being during Agent 8’s adventure in Octo Expansion. Continuing with this theme, it seems they are, at the very least, titular characters for Side Order. What remains to be seen is how they will impact the adventure. Are they out to be guided again, just like in Octo Expansion? That exact question lends detail to much more of what Side Order might just be when we look at the full picture.

Agent 8 Making a Comeback

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While it isn’t exactly confirmed who the Octoling is in the Side Order DLC, it would be no big surprise if it was Agent 8 all over again. The similarities in the thread are just too present to deny that for the time being: Splatoon 2’s Lobby, the fact that Marina and Pearl are there too, and the fact that it’s DLC we’re talking about. If the Splatoon team is good at anything, it’s repeating a storyline from one game to another, which is something we’ve all seen from 1 to 2, all the way up to Splatoon 3. Reiterating themes and returning some characters never hurt anyone, so it would be great to have Agent 8 back for round 2.

Splatoon 2’s Lobby (And How It May or May Not Be Completely Destroyed)

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The Splatoon 2 lobby has certainly seen better days since we last left it. As you might recall from the trailer footage, it’s white, chalky, and lifeless. If you remember, from the end of Octo Expansion in Splatoon 2, the final boss was dead set on destroying the same city where Splatoon 2’s lobby is located. Fans have already theorized by this point that the white-out result with Splatoon 2 is some kind of alternate future where we didn’t succeed in stopping the big laser from hitting everything. If not, then what else caused this much damage and vacancy?

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Octarian Society

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While nothing is directly stated, fans can always hold out some hope that more canon lore will be established with every update. DLC, like Octo Expansion, gave us the backstory on Marina and Pearl and how some societies in the Underground Metro operate. Because this DLC once again focuses on an Octoling, perhaps this time around, we’ll get some more confirmed lore about Octarians. How do they function as a group? Do they all go against Inklings and their way of life? Are they all brainwashed, or do some act of their own free will?

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The Alternate Fate of the Splatfest: Order

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One little nugget of knowledge that we had so gracefully confirmed for us was from the Official DLC webpage.

“Challenge yourself to a new single-player campaign, Side Order! See what has happened to Inkopolis Square from the Splatoon 2 game, and what would’ve happened if Order thwarted Chaos to rule the city!”

Official DLC Webpage for Side Order

What does this alternate fate hold? Is it really an alternate ‘what if’ situation or an alternate dimension entirely? Either way, no matter how it actually is true, this fate is what awaited us if Order had won. It makes many wonder if the Order side was truly an evil one or if the Chaos one would have reaped a similar result if Order had won. Either way, it seems that Side Order will be very similar to Octo Expansion, at least in a few thematic ways.