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Different Risks Led Mass Effect Andromeda And Hitman To Similar Failure - Here's What Went Wrong

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Mass Effect Andromeda - What Went Wrong, How It Failed

EA has decided to cut short Mass Effect Andromeda development team and put the IP on hold. Square Enix is in talk with few publishers to sell out Hitman IP and IO Interactive. What went wrong with these two series: successful in the past.

GTA V: Discounts, Increased Payout And Double RP/GTA $ This Week On GTA Online

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GTA V: More Discount And Double $GTA

Rockstar Games is offering lots of money in GTA V online multiplayer portion, GTA Online. Are you up for grabbing discounts, increased payout, double GTA$, and many other things?

Assassin's Creed Creator Reveals Why He Left Ubisoft, And It's Exactly What You Think

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Assassin's Creed Creator PatriceDesilets

Patrice Desilets, the creator of Assassin's Creed video game franchise, left Ubisoft on a sour note. In a recent interview, Patrice unveiled the exact reason behind why he left Ubisoft back in 2010.

GTA V: Rockstar Offers $420,000 In GTA Online For Free Starting April 30

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GTA V - How To Get Free Money In GTA Online

GTA V developer Rockstar Games is offering GTA Online players $425,000 in-game currency for free starting from April 30.

PS Plus May 2017 Free Games: Tales from the Borderlands And Abzu For PS4, Fantastic Line-up

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PS Plus May 2017 Games Announced

Sony announced PS Plus May 2017 free games for PS4, PS3, and PS Vita. The full line-up looks fantastic: Tales from the Borderlands, Abzu, and many others

Metro Author Claims The Witcher's Sapkowski Is An "Arrogant", Totally Wrong About Video Games

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Metro Author On The Witcher's Sapkowski

The author behind Metro has slammed The Witcher's Andrzej Sapkowski with some nasty words, and a comment that he is "totally wrong" about video games.

Peter Moore Issues Video And Letter To Fans Upon Him Leaving Games Industry

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Peter Moore

Peter Moore has left Electronic Arts and the game industry last week in order to join Liverpool FC as CEO.

Upcoming Destiny Update will fix endless Trials of Osiris Matches

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Destiny Hotfix

Destiny Update is coming with various bug fixes and it will fix Trials of Osiris Matches that does not end at all.

April 2017 - PS Plus Free Games Download Link

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PlayStation Plus April 2017

PS Plus April 2017 free games just went live on Europe PlayStation Store. Download link for April 2017 PS Plus Free Games live.

Show Your Humanity Puzzle Easy Solution - Dark Souls III - The Ringed City

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Show Your Humanity Puzzle Solution - Dark Souls III

The easy Solution for Show Your Humanity Puzzle in The Ringed City DLC - Dark Souls III. This Show Your Humanity is a secret puzzle in Ringed City DLC, and to unlock it you need to do a specific task.