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Project Scorpio - 5 Original Xbox Games That Microsoft Should Reboot

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Project Scorpio - Original Xbox Games We Want To See Reboot

In our opinion here is a list of 5 Best Original Xbox Games that Microsoft should reboot for Project Scorpio. Just bring back the nostalgic feeling.

Spencer Discusses Netflix-Like Xbox Game Pass Service, Relevance Of Single-Player Titles

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Xbox Game Pass To Be Service Like Netflix

Phil Spencer spoke of Xbox Game Pass turning in to a Netflix like service for video games. Spencer also talked about the the relevance of long running series and sinle-player titles in modern gaming landscape.

GTA V: Rockstar Offers $420,000 In GTA Online For Free Starting April 30

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GTA V - How To Get Free Money In GTA Online

GTA V developer Rockstar Games is offering GTA Online players $425,000 in-game currency for free starting from April 30.

Halo 6 Storyline To Focus On Master Chief Again, Not Introducing New Characters

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Halo 6

343 Industries has officially confirmed that Halo 6 lead protagonist is going to be Master Chief, there will be no new lead character.

May 2017 - Free Games For Xbox One and Xbox 360 Announced

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May 2017 - Xbox Games With Gold

Microsoft announced Free Games for Xbox One and Xbox 360 for May 2017. The May 2017 - Xbox Games With Gold line-up includes: Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, and two others.

Metro Author Claims The Witcher's Sapkowski Is An "Arrogant", Totally Wrong About Video Games

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Metro Author On The Witcher's Sapkowski

The author behind Metro has slammed The Witcher's Andrzej Sapkowski with some nasty words, and a comment that he is "totally wrong" about video games.

Peter Moore Issues Video And Letter To Fans Upon Him Leaving Games Industry

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Peter Moore

Peter Moore has left Electronic Arts and the game industry last week in order to join Liverpool FC as CEO.

Upcoming Destiny Update will fix endless Trials of Osiris Matches

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Destiny Hotfix

Destiny Update is coming with various bug fixes and it will fix Trials of Osiris Matches that does not end at all.

Microsoft Testing Digital Purchased Content Refunds On Xbox And Windows Store

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Xbox And Windows Store

Microsoft has begun testing refunds for digital content purchased on Xbox and Windows Store.

Quantum Break Engine Northlight Coming To PlayStation 4, New IP "P7" In the Works At Remedy

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Remedy Entertainment

Remedy Entertainment has announced Northlight Engine support for PlayStation 4 (the engine behind Quantum Break). The studio also announced that a new IP codenamed P7 is currently in development at Remedy.