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X Events Possibly Getting Back, Better Timing For Exclusives: Phil Spencer

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Phil Spencer Hints About Return of X Events

Phil Spencer in a recent Twitter conversation with a fan admitted that the timing for exclusives games for Xbox console should be better. He also hinted about the return of X Events.

April 2017 Xbox Games With Gold Leaked, Include Ryse Son Of Rome And Darksiders

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April 2017 Games With Gold Leaked

Check out the April 2017 Games With Gold line-up. It was leaked on Facebook by Xbox Austria. Ryse Son of Rome, Darksiders has been included in the line-up.

Destiny Weekly Rituals New Solo Missions, PvP, Items Detailed

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Destiny: Age of Triumph Details

Bungie has finally detailed Destiny: Age of Triumph Weekly Rituals will be available in Solo missions, PvP, items and many other things.

Xbox Game Pass: List Of 31 Supported Games Revealed, Includes Halo 5, Mad Max, And More

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Xbox Game Pass: List 31 Games Revealed

Take a look at the list of first 31 games that will support Xbox Game Pass. It is a service which will give players unlimited access to over 100 Xbox One and backward compatible Xbox 360 games.

Spencer Shares Reason Why They Didn't Launch Xbox Portable

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Xbox Handheld

Xbox Division Boss Phil Spencer finally revealed the reason behind why Microsoft never made any Xbox Portable (console like PS Vita, 3DS or others).

E3 2017 Xbox Media Briefing On June 11 (Sunday) At 2 PM, Project Scorpio Appearance Confirmed

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Xbox E3 2017 Media Brieing

Microsoft has announced date and time for their Xbox E3 2017 Media Briefing. On Twitter, Microsoft wrote E3 2017 Xbox Media Briefing is Sunday, June 11th at 2pm, and shared a teaser image of Project Scorpio.

How to Throw Enemies in For Honor

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For Honor Throw

Throw skill belongs to Vikings and few other warriors in the game, it allows you to simply end the opponent in a single hit. Refer the guide to know how to throw enemies to death. 

How to Dodge in For Honor

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For Honor Battle

Dodging is a necessary skill that can save a lot of your health, but it also takes some amount of your stamina. The guide offer a short tip on where and when to use it.

GTA IV Percentage Boost On Amazon Is Position Change, Not Actual Sales

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Grand Theft Auto IV

Today, GTA IV was added to Xbox One backward compatible program due to which the game's sale increased on AMAZON by whooping 7696%. To tell you the truth, the percent increase is not an actual sale but just a position change.

In Heartfelt Video Message, Insomniac Games Opposes Donald Trump's Ban On Muslim Immigration

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Insomniac Games On Trump's Immigration Ban

All section of the society is opposing US President Donald Trump's ban on Muslim immigration. Video Games developer Insomniac Games release a video message on firm's stance regarding the BAN.