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Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Games Will Not Have Achievements Support

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Original Xbox Backward Compatibility - No Achievements

Original Xbox backward compatible games will not have achievement support, according to the details revealed by Microsoft.

2 Reasons Why Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Games Library Won't Be Large, Working Explained

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Original Xbox Backward Compatibility Library

Phil Spencer confirms Original Xbox Game Library won't be as large as Xbox 360 games due to two reasons: Rights And Technical Difficulty. Also, the working of Original Xbox backward compatibility is going to be similar to Xbox 360.

Sony's Baffling Reason On Blocking Cross-Platform Play On Rocket League And Minecraft

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Rocket League - PlayStation Consoles Missing Cross-Platform Play

Sony commented on blocking cross-platform play feature on Rocket League and Minecraft. PlayStation Marketing Boss gave the most baffling reason behind crossplay block on PlayStation consoles for both these games.

Microsoft Kills Minecraft PlayStation Cross Platform Play? Dev's Responded With Hope

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Minecraft Cross-Play Feature Missing PlayStation Versions

Minecraft cross-platform play feature won't be available on PlayStation consoles. A deliberate move by Microsoft as they now own Minecraft IP? The developer behind Minecraft stated that all hope is still not lost.

E3 2017: Square Enix Will Announced Microsoft Exclusive Three New Titles

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E3 2017: Square Enix

Square Enix is going to announce three new games Microsoft Exclusive for PC and PS4 according to a game catalog updated on Amazon Italy.

Mike Ybarra Comments On Report That Only 1.5 Percent Of Xbox Owners Use Backwards Compatibility

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Xbox Denies Arstechnica's Backward Compatibility Report

Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra denied Arstechnica report that stated just 1.5 percent of Xbox One owners use backward compatibility feature. On Twitter, Ybarra stated "Scraping some data off servers gives an inaccurate view of what people do."

Microsoft Disagrees With Jim Ryan's Statement On Backward Compatibility, "It's What Gamers Have Asked For"

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Xbox One vs PS4 - Backward Compatibility

Xbox Corporate Vice President Mike Ybarra has replied to Jim Ryan's statement on Backward Compatibility. On Twitter, Ybarra stated that he disagrees with the statement because backward compatibility is a feature that gamers have asked for.

FIFA 18 Trailer Out, No Frostbite And The Journey For Nintendo Switch

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FIFA18 Switch

FIFA 18 Trailer confirms the game is for Nintendo Switch, but a separate title compared to PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Xbox Game Pass: Auto-Renew Enabled, Turn It OFF If You Don't Want To Be Charged After 14-Day Free Trial

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Xbox Game Pass - Auto Renew

Xbox Game Pass service enables auto-renew option as soon as Xbox Live Gold subscribers starts the 14-day free trial. It needs to be manually disable in order to avoid a charge after the end of free trial.

Beam Rebrand As Mixer, Offers Co-streaming Feature, 4 PC Streamers In Single Stream With Split-Screen

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Mixer CoStream Feature

Mixer is a video game streaming service from Microsoft. It offers Co-streaming feature which allows 4 PC streamers to broadcasts into a single stream with split-screen views.