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Resident Evil 7: Exact Steam Release Time Revealed

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Resident Evil 7: Exact Release Time On Steam

The exact release time of Resident Evil 7 on Steam has been revealed. It will be available on January 23 at 9PM PST.

Now you can watch 360 degree videos on PSVR Youtube App

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PSVR 360 Videos

A update has enabled 360 degree update on PSVR YouTube App. Play amazing wide angle videos on the VR for immersive entertainment. YouTube has vast collection of various videos that will take you live into the action. 

Titanfall 2 Won't Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

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Titanfall 2

Maybe for some of you it was a given, but now we have an official confirm about the fact that Titanfall 2 won't be coming to Nintendo Switch anytime soon.

Nintendo Switch Will Still Have A Mii Maker

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Nintendo Switch  Mii Maker

Nintendo Switch Will Still Have A Mii Maker, being the only remnant of the Mii feature left, since the Miiverse won't be supported on Nintendo Switch at launch.

The Division Expansion III Last Stand brings 8vs8 objective-based PvP with Update 1.6

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The Division Expansion III Last Stand

The Division “Expansion III: Last Stand” comes with Update 1.6 that extend the gameplay by adding a new legendary mode for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The DLC will be available for Season Pass Holder and as a separate purchase.

Battlefield 1 DLC Trailer They Shall Not Pass Teaser is out, More details coming next week

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Battlefield 1 DLC Trailer

Battlefield 1 DLC Trailer They Shall Not Pass is tweeted, the developer says more details coming next week. Teaser offer a glimpse of the war ground and a playable French army solder. 

Injustice 2 Beta Revealed For PS4 And Xbox One

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Injustice 2

Good news for you, fighting games lovers. NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment have announced Injustice 2 is going to take advantage of an online beta ahead of its launch, scheduled for May 16. You can register for beta at this address and even choose among PS4 and Xbox One when it comes to the platform where you'll want to play it.

Nintendo Switch's 3 new titles Accidently revealed: Cave Story, Aban Hawkins and the 1001 Spikes

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Nintendo Switch's Dashboard

Thanks to a tweet published by Nicalis, and later removed, we have another chance to look at the Nintendo Switch OS and user interface - the dashboard of this upcoming console, basically.

Resident Evil 7 is Confirmed for Xbox Play Anywhere: First Game From A Major Publisher

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Resident Evil 7

RESIDENT EVIL 7 biohazard confirmed for Xbox Play Anywhere – buy once, play on both Xbox One Windows 10 PC.

Resident Evil 7 creater will explore Nintendo Switch possibilities

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Resident Evil 7

Director Koshi Nakanishi has revealed, he is indeed interested in the upcoming Nintendo Switch and will hopefully have a further contact with it.