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Resident Evil 7's Pre-orders Are "Very Good", Capcom Expects To Sell 4 Million Copies On Day One

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Resident Evil 7 Day One Sales Prediction

On Day One, Capcom expects to sell 4 million copies of Resident Evil 7. The publisher is making this bold sales prediction due to "very good" pre-orders.

Kojima Is A "Very Brilliant Man, Creating Something Completely New With Death Stranding": Mikkelsen

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Mad Mikkelsen Comments On Death Stranding And Kojima

Mad Mikkelsen commented on Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding. He said that Kojima is a very "brilliant man" and with Death Stranding he is creating something completely new.

New Battlefield 1 Patch Releasing Along With Giant's Shadow Map On December 13: DICE

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Giant's Shadow Map - Battlefield 1

DICE has officially confirmed that new patch for Battlefield 1 will release alongside Giant's Shadown Map on December 13.

Next New update could introduce Pokemon Breeding System in Pokemon Go

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PS4 Pro Sales

UK Black Friday sales reveals PS4 Slim Sales is 50% higher compared to Xbox One, due to lucrative discount offered to buyers. 

Download Link For Resident Evil 7 Demo For Xbox One, Size 3.64 GB

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Resident Evil 7 Demo Xbox One Download Link

Resident Evil 7 Demo "Beginning Hour" is now available for download on Xbox One. The demo weighs 3.64GB. PC version of the demo is coming at a later day.

Next New update could introduce Pokemon Breeding System in Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go

Next patch for Pokemon Go will bring Pokemon breeding system in the game with many new updates and features. 

Mario can’t run without Internet on Super Mario Run

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Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run will not work without internet connection, as revealed by Shigeru Miyamoto. Final game release is scheduled to 15th December, 2016.

Get free PC copy of Assassins Creed 3 on 30th Anniversary of Ubisoft

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 Assassins Creed 3

As a part of 30 days Giveaway, to celebrate 30th Aniversary of Ubisoft, you can claim your free copy of  Assassins Creed 3 for PC. 

Nintendo Switch Final Dev Kits Out for selected Developers, Max Battery Life 8 Hours: Rumor

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch Final Developer Kit is out, as per a video shared on YouTube, the device will deliver max 8 hours of output. Also Jimmy Fallon gets the first Switch. 

Insider Leaks New Nintendo Switch Exclusive RPG Game With Images, Reveal In December 2016

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Heaven The Game - Nintendo Switch Exclusive

A new Nintendo Switch exclusive RPG game has been leaked with images. According to insider, the reveal is incoming in December 2016. Users on Reddit states that the game is Seasons of Heaven from Any Arts Production.