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Beyond Good & Evil 2: First Teaser Poster Revealed, Prequel?

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Beyond Good & Evil 2 Teaser Poster

Beyond Good & Evil series creator Michel Ancel seems to have teaser new game in the series (Beyond Good & Evil 2). Ancel shared a poster on Instagram hiting that the new Beyond Good & Evil is going to be a prequel to the original game.

You'll Need to Play Dishonored 2 Twice To Understand It And Have All Powers: Arkane

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Dishonored 2

Players need to play Dishonored 2 twice in order to understand the storyline and have all the powers in the game, according to Arkane Studios' Harvey Smith.

Forza Horizon 3 Tech Analysis: Runs Smoother At 4K Resolution Than 1080p

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Forza Horizon 3: 4K vs 1080p Tech Analysis

Forza Horizon 3: 4K vs 1080p initial tech analysis report states that the game runs smoother at 4K than 1080p. When Forza Horizon 3 is scaled down to 1080p issues like stuttering and micro-stuttering appears even on Titan X GPU.

ESRB Shares New Battlefield 1 Story Info: Players Will Play Armor Crewman, Rebel Fighter and more

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Battlefield 1: Story Details

ESRB has revealed new Battlefield 1 story details. The lead protagonist will play several key roles in Battlefield 1 single-player campaign. Players will take on the role of fighter pilot, armor crewman, rebel fighter, and message runner.

The Division PTS: How To Use It On PC Now

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The Division PTS: How To Use It On PC

Tom Clancy's The Division Public Test Server (PTS) is available now. PC gamers can try it out now. This post details how to use The Division's PTS on PC.

CoD Modern Warfare Remastered Dev: All Create-A-Class Items Unlocked In Private Matches

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Modern Warfare Remastered Create-A-Class

In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered, all create-a-class items will be unlocked in private matches, according to the details officially confirmed by a developer on Twitter.

Bethesda Thinks At "Alternatives" To Bring Fallout 4 Mods On PS4, Is It That Simple?

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Fallout 4 Mods PS4 Controversy

Bethesda Pete Hines has explained Fallout 4 development team is still looking for some "Alternatives" to run Mods on PlayStation 4. However, there is not ETA on when exactly things will fall in to places.

Minecraft To Be The First Cross-Platform Multiplayer Game This Gen, Support PS4/XB1 Cross Play

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Minecraft Realms

It seems Minecraft is going to be the first game to offer cross-platform multiplayer, as revealed by the official account in a later removed Twitter post.

Xbox Scorpio Giving Devs Chance To Build 4K Games, Not Forcing Them: Microsoft

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Xbox Scorpio 4K Games

Microsoft's Albert Penello has clarified that developers are free to target any resolution for Xbox Scorpio, not 4K. It is not mandatory to go only for 4K resolution on Xbox Scorpio.

DriveClub Dev On PS4 Pro Lack Of Blu-Ray Player: "Would That Improve Gaming"

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PS4 Pro

Ex-DriveClub Director Paul Rustchynsky has shared his views on PS4 Pro Power, 4.2 TFLOPs GPU capability and the lack of Blu-Ray player in it.