How to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife

A new weekly challenge in BitLife.

Image via Candywriter

We’ve all seen the horrible videos on Reddit, and we’ve all likely witnessed the awkward moments of a particular individual of a store demanding respect from those around her. Now, in BitLife, replicate the cringe-worthy moments to complete the Karen Challenge. Much like the Karen, we all know, you don’t have all day, and you only have a limited time to complete it.

These are the requirements you need to fulfill.

The first two objectives of the challenge are pretty straightforward, but the other three are particular, so you may need to take your time with it. To be born a female named Karen, you can start over your life as a female and then change your character’s name before starting their life. That’s pretty simple. At any time in your life, whenever you purchase a vehicle, look to see if any of the dealerships have a minivan you can purchase.

Now, to report to HR, you need to have some problems with another co-worker. This can happen naturally, or if you make your co-workers dislike your character, they’re more likely to do horrible things to you. The results and events vary due to the randomness of BitLife. Still, whenever another co-worker does something horrible to your character, you can choose from several actions of how to react, and reporting them to HR will be one of them. You’ll have this option more often by not getting along with your co-workers.

The next step is to file five lawsuits against others. It would help if you had a reason to do so, and the more enemies you have, the more choices you have. The option to file a lawsuit against someone is in the activities tab underneath the lawsuit. Again, you will only be able to do it against people for a reason, so much like reporting a co-worker to HR, you want to have people you can apply this to. A good way to do that is to cause problems and annoy other people fairly frequently throughout your life. The more people your character knows, the more chances they’ll receive.

The final requirement is to have 10 enemies. If you’re constantly reporting people to HR and filing lawsuits against people, the enemies come pretty naturally. You’ll be able to rack them up pretty quickly, and doing nasty things to people you can interact with within your relationships is the best way to make enemies with more people. Feel free to try dating more people or make friends turn on them and find yourself calling them an enemy the next day.

The work might not be pretty or worthwhile, but the Karen Challenge is extremely doable in BitLife.