How to file a lawsuit against someone in BitLife

Let the law be the judge of the situation.


When something serious happens, the law needs to be involved, and in BitLife, you have the chance to file a lawsuit against another character if they wronged you. You cannot attempt to file a lawsuit against any person you wish, so that means you need to have had something happen to your character, and you need to file a lawsuit without a specific set of time. The person can be someone who attacked you, a co-worker, a supervisor, your wife or husband, the police, or someone who did surgery on you. Who you can choose to file a lawsuit against will vary, but it boils down to them needing to do something bad against you to justify the lawsuit.

For those attempting to complete the Karen Challenge in BitLife, this will likely help you out. It works a lot like attempting to report a co-worker to HR.

How the lawsuit can potentially happen will occur in multiple ways. The person might attack you or insult you or fight you, which’s liable for a lawsuit. Potentially, if your workplace attempts to force you to retire or forces you to quit, you can file a lawsuit against them. If a plastic surgeon performs a bad surgery, potentially damaging you, you can file a lawsuit against them. Those who have a cheating spouse can choose to work it out with them or file a lawsuit against them. So, there are multiple ways and various people who can potentially do something bad to you, which means you can file a lawsuit against them.

When this happens, and you want to file the lawsuit, go to the activities section, and there will be a lawsuit tab. In the tab, you will see every person you can attempt to file a lawsuit again. If something bad happened to you, and you don’t see them underneath the lawsuit tab, it was not bad enough to warrant a lawsuit, which means you need to try again.

Before the lawsuit goes into full effect, you have to choose what type of lawyer you want to use. The more expensive the lawyer, the higher likelihood that you will win the lawsuit and make it all worthwhile. If you’re strapped for money, you may want to wait a little bit before attempting to file a lawsuit. However, you can’t sit on it forever. After a set amount of years, the lawsuit won’t be legal anymore. You’re better off waiting two to three years and then filing the lawsuit, especially if you’re strapped for cash.

When everything goes down, a winner will be determined. We strongly recommend using the best lawyer possible to win the lawsuit, or you may find yourself spending a lot more money than you expected, and you won’t have gained anything.