Our Best Selves Walkthrough | Red Dead Redemption 2

Our Best Selves Walkthrough

Arthur tried saving Eagle Flies in the previous chapter The Last Boy, he also learned that it was Dutch’s idea to provoke the Indians to attack the Oil Fields. Dutch’s hidden intention was to use the battle as a cover and loot the bonds. He also left Arthur to die, but Eagle Flies sacrificed himself to save him. Dutch clearly denies Arthur’s allegation on leaving him behind. The next main mission is Our Best Selves. Talk to Dutch to start playing this, Dutch has a safe plan to rob Uncle Sam.

Our Best Selves Walkthrough

Our Best Selves Walkthrough

To achieve Gold Medal in this mission, there are following things you have to do. Get a Headshot using Dead Eye after jumping from Dutch’s horses, finish things in 11 minutes with 80% accuracy and without taking any health items.

Follow John To The Wagon | Our Best Selves


Talk to Dutch to begin the mission, he is sitting inside a tent. He will talk about a robbing a train carrying army payroll. His plan is simple rob Uncle Sam and leave. Arthur will agree to join the heist. Arthur tells Dutch about John’s leaving the camp idea, but he seems not happy with it. After the cutscene, follow Dutch and then follow John to get some dynamite. John will take you to a wagon, collect the explosives and return to Dutch.

Follow John To The Wagon | Our Best Selves


John will give you the location of money Dutch is hiding. Arthur is determined to help John out of the camp and start a new life. Soon you will join the gang back and follow Dutch.

Chase The Train | Our Best Selves


Dutch will cross Saint-Denis quietly to avoid drawing any attention. This will be a slow ride, continue following Dutch, you will reach the tracks. The gang will wait for the train, it won’t stop. Dutch plans to continue the plan, start chasing the train. One by one gang members will jump on the last part of the train and take cover behind wooden crates.

Take Out The Guards | Our Best Selves

Soon the guards will start shooting, you have to keep shooting the guards and push forward. There are ample of objectives to cover yourself and you can also clearly spot the guards. It will take some time to kill all the guards till you reach in the front cart. Climb on the top of a compartment and take out the guards. If you see too many use Dead Eye.

Get On Dutch’s Horse | Our Best Selves


There will be a few bunches of guards after crossing each compartment, wait for your ally to notify you before moving ahead. You have to play as a backup if you don’t want to take damage. There will be a blast in one of the compartments that will block your path, jump on Dutch’s horse on your right. He will take you ahead of the burning compartment, jump on the train. Arthur will spot a man who will alert others about the train robbery. He will assemble a machine gun, John will disconnect the compartment. Unfortunately, a guard will shoot John and he will fall down.

Deal With The Patrol | Our Best Selves


Dutch will go for John, Arthur will order others to keep pushing forward. Use the machine gun to shoot down the patrol, use the mini-map to spot the red spots. They are your targets. There will be a lot of men coming to stop you, you have to shoot them down before they can jump on the train. Follow Mrs. Adler once the train passes through the mountain and enter into a tunnel.

Plant Dynamite On Armored Carriage | Our Best Selves

Plant Dynamite on the door and shoot it to break the door. Inside Arthur will bags of money, he will start collecting as much as possible and jump off the train. The train falls from the bridge, Dutch informs Arthur that John is no more, the patrol killed him.

The mission is over, once everyone returns to the camp. This takes us to end of Red Dead Redemption 2. The final mission is - Red Dead Redemption.

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