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The 10 best Let’s Play YouTubers

Who said parasocial relationships couldn't be good?

There are too many games consistently released for a single player to play through every single one. It’s a well-documented woe of the gaming hobbyist, where the amount of time necessary to experience a title first-hand means other titles get pushed to the wayside. Thankfully, the rise of Let’s Play YouTubers means that you can watch some of the most creative minds work through a swath of titles, while you grind through your own pickings on a different screen.

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There are thousands of unique content creators that upload their Let’s Plays onto YouTube and trying to find them all, much less sort through them, can be a daunting experience for anyone. Many modern LPers on YouTube tend to stream on Twitch and then hire editors to cut the content for YouTube, so many of these YouTubers both stream on Twitch and upload to YouTube. Here’s our list of the ten best Let’s Play YouTubers, ranked by aggregation of popularity, creativity, library, and preference.

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#10 — MasaeAnela

Image via MasaeAnela on YouTube

MasaeAnela has been in the game for over thirteen years at this point on both her YouTube and Twitch channels and streams on both platforms, so fans can pick their preference. Her YouTube channel is stacked with an extensive library of Nintendo-centric Let’s Plays, from Let’s Go Pikachu to Yoshi’s Crafted World and everything in between. This artist also isn’t afraid to stretch back into the older days, exploring Star Fox, Donkey Kong Country, and Kirby 64.

#9 — Delirious Let’s Play

Image via Delirious Let’s Play on YouTube

Delirious Let’s Play is an offshoot of his primary channel, H2ODelirious. This YouTube channel focuses on full Let’s Plays from the primary channel, offering users an aggregate means of exploring full titles with commentary. With over a quarter of a million subscribers, this channel notably lacks any content creator avatars or cameras, instead dedicating the entire screen to whatever game he’s working through. Recently, DeliriousLP has uploaded Tomb Raider, The Last of Us, and hardcore Minecraft playthroughs.

#8 — Mapocolops

Image via Mapocolops on YouTube

Mapocolops is a classically-styled Let’s Player, offering a large library of full-game playthroughs on his YouTube channel, ranging from Disco Elysium to Demon’s Souls and everything in between. Mapocolops also streams on Twitch, and it should be noted that not everything from Twitch makes it to the YouTube channel. His YouTube channel offers a laser-focus on gameplay with only mild shenanigans and plays games that match more mature demographics.

#7 — theRadBrad

Image via theRadBrad on YouTube

TheRadBrad is one of the larger channels featured on this list, with over 13 million subscribers on his YouTube channel alone. This content creator began his YouTube channel in 2006 and has been steadily releasing content for over a decade. TheRadBrad is also on Twitch, although the channel hasn’t been active enough to decipher an active schedule. This creator was coined as ‘the King of the YouTube Walkthrough’ by FMV Magazine and hasn’t stopped uploading since. TheRadBrad has recently uploaded playthroughs of A Plague Tale Requiem and Scorn.

#6 — Emmalition

Image via Emmalition on YouTube

Emmalition is a much smaller content creator than others on this list but seems to effortlessly encapsulate entire games in her Completed Playthroughs tab. Emmalition’s Youtube channel gravitates towards action RPGs such as Souls-likes. Her noted favorite playthroughs include Demon’s Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring. Emmalition has recently uploaded Detroit: Become Human, Dark Souls Remastered, and Tunic.

#5 — NintendoCapriSun

Image via NintendoCapriSun on YouTube

With over 400,000 subscribers, NintendoCapriSun is a well-known Let’s Play YouTuber in many circles. NintendoCapriSun’s YouTube channel is a strange mix between Nintendo titles with family-friendly vibes, juxtaposed with more mature titles such as Danganronpa. Still, NintendoCapriSun uploads mostly family-friendly Nintendo titles, but users should be wary that there are uploads that younger demographics should steer away from. The massive library of completed titles, growing since 2007, makes this channel a must-visit for LP fans. This channel has recently uploaded Metroid Dread, Tunic, and Super Mario Odyssey.

#4 — Ezekiel_III

Image via Ezekiel_III on YouTube

The self-ascribed content creator ‘for the middle and lower-class,’ Ezekiel_III is a mature-themed channel that explores a wide gamut of titles from retro to modern and from action-adventure to point & click. Ezekiel_III’s YouTube channel has a gargantuan playlist library that covers titles such as Clockwork Knight, The Stanley Parable, I Wanna Be the Boshy, and Persona 4 & 5. Ezekiel_III also streams on Twitch, but users should be warned: this is a creative type that fully embraces the adult warnings that YouTube provides. This channel has recently uploaded Metal Hellsinger, Mega Man 2, and Thymesia.

#3 — JackSepticEye

Image via JackSepticEye on YouTube

JackSepticEye is the most-subscribed to Irish content creator in the world, and for a good reason. With quick humor and heft of charm, not to mention some classic Irish attitude to spare, JackSepticEye’s YouTube channel holds over 28 million subscribers. This content creator isn’t a classic Let’s Play uploader, but still holds an extensive library of completed games that are not only edited well but included witty commentary that increases the overall enjoyment of viewing. There’s a reason JackSepticEye is one of the best content creators on the internet. This content creator has recently uploaded Love, Sam, The Mortuary Assistant, and Stray.

#2 — Markiplier

Image via Markiplier on YouTube

Markiplier is one of the most popular YouTubers on the platform, and similar to JackSepticEye’s channel, it isn’t entirely focused on Let’s Plays. Despite this, Markiplier’s YouTube channel features a heft of fully played games, and his crisp presentation makes it a straightforward and enjoyable watch. Additional points for simply how well-spoken this content creator is, Markiplier is a content creator that makes it astonishingly simple to binge-watch the massive library of his completed games. This content creator has recently uploaded Broken Through, Raft, and Growing my Grandpa.

#1 — DansGaming

Image via DansGaming on YouTube

In terms of Let’s Play, DansGaming is a legend in his own right. DansGaming YouTube channel scores big points for having an entirely game-focused channel, featuring full playthroughs of hundreds of titles, with little to no divergent videos to interrupt the pacing. It’s all about the Let’s Play experience, and this channel has thousands of hours of nothing more than high-quality gaming edited down from DansGaming Twitch channel.

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