10 best Let’s Play YouTubers

Who said parasocial relationships couldn’t be good?

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Video games are a special medium because they allow players to do just that—to play and have a degree of agency within a virtual world. Sometimes that’s in the service of a narrative. Other times, players are given the freedom to make their own emergent stories, whether on a cartoon battlefield, a soccer pitch, or elsewhere.

But sometimes you just want to kick back and watch a friend play a game instead of taking the controller yourself. If that’s the case, there are tons of Let’s Plays out there you can find on YouTube for all sorts of games and featuring all types of personalities. It’s easy to find who has the biggest following, so we’ve gone ahead and rounded up a list of 10 great Let’s Play YouTubers you might not have heard of before.


If you’re looking to unwind with a decidedly calm YouTuber who doesn’t fill his videos with constant (and loud) chatter, AngelArts is a great channel to check out. He’s got videos for many of the biggest story-driven titles, but some of his content looks at popular indie titles and even tabletop games.


Chip and Ironicus is a Let’s Play duo that is great in so many ways. Most of their Let’s Play videos follow a similar format where Chip plays a game and walks his friend, Ironicus, through what’s going on. You’ll feel like you’re in on their jokes and learn the ins and outs of the games they play as well. They have a ton of videos, but we especially recommend their Let’s Play videos for the Metal Gear Solid series.


You might have heard of Chuggaaconroy before—he’s one of the bigger names on this list—but he comes across as such an affable and insightful dude, we just couldn’t leave him off. He has tons of videos, mostly looking at Nintendo games, old and new. Watch them to relive the classics, but also to pick up one some tips along the way.


GeopLP might not cover the widest range of video games—it’s mostly Dark Souls and other FromSoftware titles—but he’s got an affable attitude, and his Assassin’s Creed series is must viewing for history buffs. Beyond playing the games, he provides tons of history and anecdotes about the various time periods that are covered.


Kathleenmms is a great YouTuber in the way she mixes traditional Let’s Play videos with criticism, analysis, and humor. She’s currently very active and covers all the latest, most talked-about titles. Check out her channel for some actually intelligent commentary in between watching her play.


For a very chill viewing experience, check out Kikoskia’s channel. Much of his work looks at classic games like Ultima and the original X-Com. If that’s your cup of tea, his English accent and dry sense of humor will go down exceptionally well.

Marshall Dyer

You can’t go wrong with Marshall Dyer’s work. He’s always intelligent and insightful as he plays games, and his voice is as smooth as butter. He’s covered some great hidden gems of recent years like In Other Waters, but also has several series about more popular story-driven games like Control. We especially recommend his Let’s Play about horror games—there’s something decidedly more tolerable for those wary of the scary stuff when listening to his voice.


MasaeAnela is a godsend for Nintendo fans. She has tons of videos covering many of the family-friendly studio’s major titles and incorporates a nice blend of personal commentary with her ideas about video games. She’s also got a great reading voice for in-game text!


For a nice—yet never overwhelming—mix of humor and high production values, NintendoCapriSun is a great choice you can spend hours and hours with. He has several well-made series centered on some of the best Nintendo titles of all time. With some solid self-reflective (and self-deprecating) commentary, you can’t go wrong with NintendoCapriSun.


Supergreatfriend is another relaxed YouTuber whose Let’s Play videos take a look at some of the best cult games you may never have heard of. His Deadly Premonition series is especially great, and his passion (without ever being overbearing) is well conveyed. Check out his channel to see some games you might have missed out on over the years.

There are tons of channels out there, and there’s a good chance if you’re looking for a specific game, you’ll find it. You can always watch the same folks that everyone else is watching, but these 10 YouTubers are our recommendations for something a little different.