10 rarest Fortnite emotes

How many of these do you have?


Fortnite has become wildly popular despite the hate it has garnered from a lot of gamers. One of the many reasons it has gained such a large player base is the inclusion of numerous cosmetic items for players to mix and match. Among the cosmetic items available are a ton of emotes for players to use it express themselves. Here is a list of the ten rarest emotes in the game. Some of these emotes are no longer available or may become available in the future if Epic games decides to put them on the market.


This emote is possibly the most well known from the game. It was only available through a season 2 battle pass. To get the Floss emote, players had to reach tier 49 or purchase it with 950 v-bucks.

Ride the pony

This emote is based on Gangnam style. It was only available by reaching tier 20 on a season 2 battle pass. During season 2, it was also available for 950 v-bucks. Currently, it is only available from purchasing the Save the World Founder’s Pack. Players that were lucky enough to get this emote during season 2 were given the Pony Up emote after the pack was released.

Thumbs Up & Thumbs Down

This is actually a pair of emojis, and they are usually in the shop at the same time. The pair can be used to show your approval or displeasure or to reenact famous scenes from Gladiator with your team. They can only be purchased in the shop for 200 v-bucks but are rarely available.

The Worm

Based on the dance of the same name, this emote was only available in season 2. This emote could only be received from reaching Battle Pass tier 28. It has not been seen in the marketplace or as a reward since the end of season 2.


The Wave is a common emote in other games but not Fortnite. This is a traversal emote that was only available in season 2 by reaching tier 5 through battle pass. If you don’t have it, you will have to find other ways to say hello until Epic decides to put it in the shop.

Rock out

This is a popular emote that has only been seen seven times in the shop. It can be purchased for 800 v-bucks in the daily shop when it is available. Rock out is also part of the volume 11 cosmetic set along with the Anarchy Axe pickaxe, Six String back bling, Stage Dive glider, and Power Chord outfit.


Boneless is an interesting emote based on a stretching exercise done by mixed martial artist Conor MacGregor. It can be purchased from the store for 500 v-bucks, but it hasn’t been seen for quite some time. Since the emote first appeared in 2018, it only appears in the store roughly 6 times per year.

Rocket Rodeo

The Rocket Rodeo emote is an epic item that can only be received by purchasing it in the item shop for 800 v-bucks. While this emote showed up fairly frequently after it was first released, the amount of time between availability has steadily increased. Players have to wait longer and longer to find it in the shop again after each appearance.

The Flapper

This emote is based on a popular dance from the roaring ’20s. The emote costs 500 v-bucks in the item shop and is considered one of the rarest emotes in the game. One of the reasons for its rarity is the expanded periods where it is unavailable.


This is a controversial emote that is currently unavailable if you have not already purchased it. It is at present at the center of a copyright case due to its similarity to dance from a well-known TV series. The emote was purchasable from the in-game store for 800 bucks but has since been taken down.