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All Blue Medallions locations in Quarry and Fish farm in Resident Evil 4 remake

Prepare to get stuck in the mud. No, literally.

As you progress through Resident Evil 4 remake, you’ll stumble upon a Blue Request Note that reads like a medieval decree. This note commands players to undertake the onerous task of purging the Quarry and Fish Farm areas of Blue Medallions. Although the mission’s objectives are as clear as daylight, unearthing and decimating these sneaky collectibles requires the eyesight of an eagle and the exploration skills of Indiana Jones. So if you’re struggling to track down these meddlesome trinkets, our comprehensive guide lays out the precise locations of all Blue Medallions in the Quarry and Fish Farm areas of Resident Evil 4 remake.

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Resident Evil 4 remake Blue Medallions locations at the Quarry and Fish farm

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To complete this side quest in Resident Evil 4 remake, you must obliterate five Blue Medallions hidden throughout the Quarry and Fish Farm areas. 

  • Dangling back in the El Gigante arena
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The first Blue Medallion is above you in the Quarry, where you battled the El Gigante boss. Look up and let your eyes feast on that precious little target dangling from a wooden beam.

  • Del Lago boss docks
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Revisit the location where you valiantly battled the Del Lago boss on your trusty boat. Once you’re there, use your observational skills to scout the area with your Binoculars. Then, drop down to the docks and behold the second Blue Medallion suspended from the wooden floor like a shimmering trophy of your victory.

  • A small hut on a Fish farm
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The third Blue Medallion can be found in a humble abode within the Fish Farm area. Take a left when you get there and the first right to find the wooden cabin and the medallion chilling out on the ceiling.

  • The wooden plank gap to your left
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The fourth Blue Medallion likes to play hide-and-seek between wooden planks. Once you’ve taken down the third medallion, keep left, and you’ll eventually stumble upon the sneaky fourth one.

  • Under the wooden platform
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To wrap up this pesky quest, the fifth and ultimate Blue Medallion lies in wait beneath a wooden platform at the far reaches of the Fish Farm area. Take a dip in the water and hug the right side, Before long, you’ll uncover the sneaky last medallion lurking in the shadows.

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