All Dark Jonsey “The Oracle Speaks” Punchcard challenges in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8

A new set of challenges.

Image via Epic Games

Chapter 2 Season 8 of Fortnite continues to introduce new punchcards and challenges. Dark Jonsey, who can be found wandering around the purple pool in Steamy Stacks, has a new set of challenges for curious players.

These challenges involve strange artifacts, elements of the cubes, and a terrifying vision of the future for all players of Fortnite. You can find full guides for each of the challenges below.

Most of the challenges are fairly simple as long you know where to go, and you can easily get them completed by following the guides above. They will end with Jonesy giving us a terrifying glimpse at the future of the island, so don’t read ahead if you want to avoid spoilers for what he will say.

Jonsey will tell us that our path splits in two, one path is made of suffering and loss, while the other path is leading us to total annihilation. Neither option sounds particularly nice, it has to be said. So, it would seem that dark things are in store for the island, and it almost certainly has something to do with the Cube Queen who has appeared above the center of the map.