All Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2024 Event Challenges & How to Complete Them

Each year, Destiny 2 players get to prove their worth by completing Moments of Triumph challenges and claim the event’s unique Triumph.

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Every year in Destiny 2, we see the return of the Moments of Triumph event. This is an opportunity for players to show off how much of the game they’ve been playing by completing challenges related to the past year of updates that they’ve been working through.

Moments of Triumph is an event that kicks off the new year in Destiny 2 by allowing players to check out how much of the past year’s story and activities they’ve made the most of. It’s a way of looking back and showing each other that everyone has enjoyed what Bungie has brought to the game, even if some parts of the story were better than others. This is done by completing Moments of Triumph challenges, and there is a lot to work through in 2024.

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Every Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2024 Challenge & How to Complete it

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In the table below, we’ve outlined what all the challenges for Destiny 2 Moments of Triumph 2024 are, how to complete them, and what the reward for each one is. Most players will have completed a few of these by the time they go live because they’re incredibly simple this year. Still, some players will need to put a lot of work in to get through them.

ChallengeHow to CompleteReward
Moments of Triumph T-Shirt TokenComplete 5 Triumphs during the event. A token that allows players to purchase the Moments of Triumph 2023 shirt from the Bungie store.
Reward: Ghost ShellComplete 14 Triumphs during the event. Exotic Laural Ghost Shell
Reward: SparrowComplete 21 Triumphs during the event. Exotic Fire-Gilt Quadriga Sparrow
Paracausal AdventurerComplete a run of each Year 6 raid and Dungeon: Roots of Nightmares, Crota’s End, Ghosts of the Deep, and Warlord’s Ruin.Paracausal Adventurer Emblem.
Lightfall LegendaryComplete the Legendary version of all Lightfall missions: First Contact, Under Siege, Downfall, Breakneck, On the Verge, No Time Left, Headlong, and Desperate Measures. Adventurer Emblem.
Action HeroComplete all of the Heroic versions of Public Events on Neomuna: Spire Integration, Cabal Excavation, and Injection Rig. N/A
CartographerComplete all of Neomuna’s Lost Sectors: Hydroponics Delta, Gilded Precept, and Thrilladrome. N/A
They’re Not DollsCollect all the unique action figures in Neomuna and place them in Striders’ Gate. N/A
Terminal TreasuresAt the end of the Terminal Overload activity, open Terminal Overload chests 25 times. Terminal Overload Key Chests add extra progress. Terminal Overload Emblem.
Take a StrandHit enemies with the Unraveled, Suspended, and Severed debuffs. N/A
Restored and RememberedRestore every damaged memorial in the Hall of Heroes in Neomuna. Cloud Strider Legacies.
Honorary Cloud StriderClaim every rank reward from Nimbus.N/A
Roots of NightmaresComplete any version of the Roots of Nightmares raid.Roots of Nightmares Emblem.
Crota’s EndComplete any version of the Crota’s End raid. Crota’s End Emblem.
AriseComplete the Ghosts of the Deep Dungeon. Ghosts of the Deep Emblem.
Collect the Debts of Kings, O Vengeance Mine.Complete the Warlord’s Ruin Dungeon. Warlord’s Ruin Emblem.
Unbowed, UnbentComplete every step in the We Stand Unbroken quest line. N/A
Big Game BanisherDefeat 75 bosses and champions in the Defiant Battlegrounds playlist. N/A
Scourge of LightDefeat enemies using Perpetualis, Prodigal Return, Regnant, Caretaker, Raconteur, and Royal Executioner from Season of Defiance. N/A
Fully SalvagedComplete the Into the Depths Quest. +2 Purpose.
Mechanical DepthSuccessfully complete an encounter at each depth of the Deep Dives activity: Twilight, Midnight, and Abyss. N/A
Deep ReservesDefeat targets with any Season of the Deep weapons. N/A
Hook, Line, SinkerCatch 300 fish at any Fish Pond. Cannon Aquarium Decoration.
Sisters and SwordsComplete every week in The Bladed Path quest line. Laminos Exotic Sparrow.
Element CovensComplete Savathun’s Spire with a full fireteam of Solar, Void, and Arc Subclasses. N/A
Acolyte’s OfferingsComplete all Altars of Simmoning encounters on any difficulty: Solar Ritual, Void Ritual, Arc Ritual, Lucent Hive, Taken, Wrathborn, Vex, Xivu’s Brood.N/A
Red ThingsDefeat enemies with Eleatic Principle, Kept Confidence, Brya’s Love, The eremite, Semiotician, and Locus Loocutus from Season of the Witch, and The Showrunner, Deadpan Delivery, Nightshade, and Persuader from the Red War Era. N/A
Arcane KnowledgeIdentify all of the Minor Arcana at the Lecturn of Divination. Arcane Knowledge Emblem.
The Parting GlassComplete the quest Wishing All The Best.N/A
Lair CrawlerComplete Pathways in Riven’s Lair. The coil completions count as extra progress.N/A
Riven’s RelicsOpen chests in The Coil and Riven’s Lair.N/A
Weapon ProficiencyDefeat enemies in The Dreaming City.N/A
By the Breath of SolComplete the Exotic Mission Starcrossed with a full fireteam of players only using Solar Subclasses.N/A