All Echoing Conch shell locations Genshin Impact Day 3 Act 3 – Echoing Tales

The final set.

The final day of Echoing Conch collecting has arrived in Genshin Impact, and the final four conches are now in the game. Just like last time, once you know where to go you can simple head to the right spots and interact with the conches to collect them.

Don’t forget to go into the event tab and collect your reward for finding all 32 of the Echoing Conches when you are done. It should be noted, players will need to have completed the Dodo-King of the Sea quest before these Echoing Conches will appear in your game.

Finally, if you need to find the previous groups of Echoing Conches, you can find the locations of all the Day 1 and Day 2 Echoing Conches in the relevent guides linked below:

6-1 Minacious Isle – An Archon’s Deeds

On the north side of Minacious Isle, down on the beach.

6-3 Pudding Isle – Grilled Fish, Tortoises, and Innocence

Just to the south of the teleporter on Pudding Island, on a small overhang about halfway down the cliff.

6-2 North of Pudding Isle – Seaside Reminiscence

On the island to the north of Pudding Isle, near an encampment of Hilichurls. You will need to take out all the Hilichurls before you can pick it up.

6-4 Central Island – Wolf’s Predicament

On the island in the center of the Archipelago, where the boss can be found.