Does Coral Island Early Access Progress Carry Over?

Coral Island is set for full release in November 2023, but the transition might be bumpy for Early Access players.


Screenshot via Stairway Games

Coral Island’s highly anticipated 1.0 release is just around the corner. If you went crazy on its Early Access version like me, you’ll want to know if your progress carries over to Coral Island’s full version.

Coral Island 1.0 drops on November 14th, and while we don’t have the exact launch time, it might follow the early access time of 3:00 PM UTC on October 11th. The game will be on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X, but Nintendo Switch users will have to wait until 2024. Waiting a bit longer to experience this tropical cozy paradise on a handheld console is a bit disappointing, but I’m also glad they’re taking their time to ensure top-notch performance. Regardless of the release date and platform, there is one concern that lingers on everyone’s minds: what’s going to happen to my giant pumpkins, my colorful luwaks, and my mermaid girlfriend?

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Can I Use My Early Access Save in Coral Island 1.0?

Coral Island Love
Image via Humble Games

If you’ve played early access for Coral Island, prepare to start anew in 1.0. You’ll lose your farm layout, inventory, town rank, museum donations, story progression, and more.

The reason behind this decision might be that the final release version of Coral Island might include new features that change the gameplay, and also cut some already existing ones from early access. Humble Games has released a content roadmap with details for 1.0. Some features won’t be in 1.0, such as werewolf romance, town rank level, the SA tourist system, and more. 

The silver lining? Your gold from your previous savings will carry over to help you kickstart your new adventure. New Game Plus allows you to retain your total cumulative earnings from your save file, giving you a head start.

If you’re transitioning to 1.0, sell items and animals to maximize your starting gold. And, if you’re really in love with your current farm layout, take photos of your old farm for memories or to replicate certain elements on your new farm. I’m so obsessed with mine, that I’m writing down the names of my animals to replicate everything frame by frame when Coral Island 1.0 comes out.