All rewards from Red Envelopes in Dead by Daylight during Moonlight Burrow

Interesting things are sitting in these envelopes.

Image via Behaviour Entertainment

During the Moonlight Burrow event in Dead by Daylight that celebrates the 2023 Lunar New Year, players can earn a ton of Bloodpoints by sacrificing their Red Envelope offerings before each match. While that is a great thing to have, you can also earn various cosmetic rewards for characters because someone else in the match opened your envelope. Here are all of the rewards you can earn for free during the event.

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All Red Envelope rewards in Dead by Daylight

Besides Bloodpoints, there are ten total rewards you can get for having someone else open your Red Envelope in Dead by Daylight during the Moonglow Burrow event. After either a Survivor or Killer opens your envelope, you will receive the reward when the match ends and you return to the main menu. You will receive a message at the bottom of the screen confirming you earned them. Here are all of the items.

  • Claudette Morel Head
  • Jonah Vasquez Torso
  • Yun-Jin Lee Legs
  • Elodie Rakoto Head
  • The Oni Weapon
  • The Trickster Head
  • The Doctor Body
  • The Blight Head
  • Lunar Rabbit Charm
  • Quiet Rabbit Charm

After each item has been unlocked, you can instantly equip them to the Survivor or Killer for which the item is intended. If you are willing to pay for some extra cosmetics, some are currently on sale in the in-game store. These items include outfits for Vittorio Toscano and Feng Min and the introduction of new cosmetics for Jill Valentine and Ada Wong, as well as a William Birkin skin for The Blight. Those Resident Evil skins will still be available after the event ends, but the other Lunar New Year items are exclusive to the event.