All Thalita Lyra perks in Dead by Daylight

You must work with other Survivors.


Screenshot via Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel

Thalita Lyra is one of the two Survivors added to Dead by Daylight in Chapter 27 Tools of Torment. The pair are siblings, the first to be added to the game, and as such, their perks reflect the theme of teamwork over individual survival. This guide outlines all the unique perks Thalita Lyra has so you can get your head around how to play as her in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight All Thalita Lyra perks and how to use them

Screenshot via Dead by Daylight’s YouTube channel

Thalita Lyra’s unique perks are listed below. As with all Survivors, these perks are exclusive to her until unlocked by prestiging her for the first time at Bloodweb Level 50. At that point, the perks will be available for all other Survivors to get in their Bloodwebs.

Cut Loose

After you have performed a rush vault in a chase, Cut Loose activates. It makes your rushed vaults silent for the following 4/5/6 seconds. You can reset that timer by performing another rushed vault as long as the time hasn’t run out. Once the time is up, the perk has a cooldown of 45 seconds.

Friendly Competition

This perk will become active once you finish repairing a generator to completion with one other Survivor. all Survivors who completed the generator with you get a boost of 5% to their repair speed for 45/60/75 seconds. The perk can only have one active instance at once, so anyone else using the perk as well won’t double up its effect.

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Teamwork: Power of Two

This perk activates whenever you’ve finished healing another Survivor. You and the other Survivor you healed get a boost of 5% to movement speed as long as you stay within 12 meters of each other. If one of you loses a health state, the perk deactivates. You can only trigger the perk once every 180/160/140 seconds, and it can only affect one Survivor plus yourself at a time.

As you can see, all of these perks are based on helping other Survivors. If you’re going to play using them, then you need to work with other players in each trial. If you prefer to go it alone, there are other characters, such as Ada Wong, who are a better fit.