All Witch Shack locations in Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2020

A witch has to live somewhere, I guess.


Fortnitemares 2020 is underway, and a new type of building has arrived on the island. You can find different Witch Shacks spread all over the place, and while we have yet to see a witch, they are a good place to find a Witch Broom that you need for a new challenge in the game.

We will be compiling the locations of all the Witch Shacks in the game here because with all those hidden challenges yet to be unearthed, you never know when you might need to visit one during Fortnitemares 2020. It does seem like there will be a challenge later this week to visit them all, so this will help you out.

Witch Shack 1

You cand find this Witch Shack just to he northwest of Lazy Lake.

Witch Shack 2

This Witch Shack can be found to the northwest of Salty Springs, about half way to Sweaty Sands.

Witch Shack 3

Directly north of Doom’s Domain (where they are super stingy with the candy, btw) you can find another Witch Shack.

Witch Shack 4

On the southeast corner of the map, almost direct south of the edge of Retail Row, you can find a Witch Shack. This witch clearly likes that sea air.

Witch Shack 5

South of Slurpy Swamp, in the swamp itself, you can find another Witch Shack. This is the one that really rings true, as what better place for a witch to live in?

We don’t believe this list is complete yet, but we will be looking around the map for more Witch Shacks, so make sure you check back over the coming days. There are also some new Gnome challenges in the game, which are an easy way to earn some extra XP if you are still ranking up your Battle Pass.

You can find the rest of the Fortnitemares 2020 challenges below: