How to become a Shadow in Fortnite – Fortnitemares 2020

Silent killer.


Fortnitemares is here, and one of the challenges is to become a Shadow. Shadows are spooky creatures that players turn into after they die, hunting down the living and trying to add them as another member of Midas’ Army.

Becoming a Shadow is very easy; all you need to do is die. You can either get taken out by another player or find an inventive way to kill yourself, and you will respawn as a Shadow.

You will drop back into the map, and you won’t even need a parachute to land safely. There are some very important things you should know about being a Shadow, however.

First up, you have no shields, but you do have 100 health. If you get hurt, you can heal yourself by eating. And you can eat anything. Guns, ammo, health packs, you can eat them all. This allows you to heal and deny important items to still-living players. You can also possess vehicles and drive them around the map.

You will have access to the following abilities as a Shadow:

  • Slash – A ghastly combo swipe attack that you can use to attack other players
  • Dash – Pass through obstacles, gain speed briefly, turn invisible for a short time at the end of the dash
  • Scream – Mark nearby living players for all Shadows in range
  • Shadow Jump – A high, floaty leap into the air that covers long distances

Shadows move very differently to players and feel a little floaty, but when you get the hang of it, they are fun to play as. You can also Dash at the peak of your Shadow Jump to really cover big distances, which is a great way to escape players if things go wrong.

If you get killed as a Shadow, you are out of the game, and will be officially eliminated.

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