Back 4 Blood Walker guide – Tips, tactics, best cards

Make those shots count.

Image via Warner Bros. Games

Walker is one of the Cleaners or playable characters in Back 4 Blood. He’s actually available at the start of the campaign, just like Holly, making him one of the more beginner-friendly options. Here’s our guide to help you with the best weapons, cards, and tactics for Walker in Back 4 Blood.

Abilities and playstyle

Walker has the following perks available by default if he’s chosen in your Back 4 Blood missions:

  • Military Training – Precision kills increase Walker’s accuracy by 20% for five seconds.
  • Pragmatic – +10 team health.
  • Model Soldier – +10% damage.
  • Equipped – Starts missions with a frag grenade.

Although Walker has some very basic abilities, he can still hold his own. Because of the Military Training perk, you’ll want to make sure that he’s using assault rifles or light machine guns to ensure that you’re landing those precision hits often.

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Best cards for Walker

Since Walker has the Military Training ability, we’ll want to maximize other perks that gain boosts from precision shots. Here are some examples:

  • Ridden Slayer – +20% weak spot damage.
  • Reckless Strategy – +30% weak spot damage; -5% damage resistance.
  • Hyper Focused – +50% weak spot damage; -75% ADS move speed.
  • Killer’s Instinct – +30% weak spot damage; disables ADS.
  • Pep In Your Step – +10% movement speed for five seconds after a precision kill.
  • In The Zone – Precision kills grant +5% reload speed for five seconds (stacks up to 10 times).
  • Broadside – Precision kills have a 20% chance to cause Ridden to explode, dealing 15 damage to other nearby enemies.
  • Combat Training – +5% bullet damage and +50% bullet penetration.
  • Line ‘Em Up – +100% bullet penetration with assault rifles.
  • Confident Killer – When you or a teammate kills a Mutation, gain +1% damage (stacks up to 15% until the end of the level.
  • Shredder – Each bullet hit causes the target to take +1% increased damage for three seconds; stacks up to 15%.
  • Hunker Down – While crouching, gain +10% damage resistance and +40% accuracy.
  • Ammo Pouch – +25% ammo capacity.
  • Tactical Vest – +30% rifle ammo capacity; +10% damage with assault rifles and light machine guns.
  • Meatgrinder – +30% movement speed and accuracy while crouched and using a light machine gun.

Regarding Hyper Focused and Killer’s Instinct, these are ideal if you’re using assault rifles. Even without aiming down your sights, assault rifles with the right attachments (and Walker’s default perk) tend to be fairly accurate. It’s a lot harder if you’re going to use light machine guns due to the bullet spread. But, if you will focus on using light machine guns, you can take Meatgrinder, too. Lastly, if you like a playstyle that involves maximizing precision shots, you can also play as the sniper Jim in Back 4 Blood.