Best POIs to Search a Chest or Ammo Box Within 45 Seconds of Landing in Fortnite

Fortnite’s challenges tend to repeat themselves every season, and it’s always worth knowing where to pick up loot quickly after landing.


Screenshot by Gamepur

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Fortnite’s maps are always packed with weapons and items for players to gather and cause havoc with. It’s the essence of its battle royale mode, but some matches can see players go long periods of time without them, so it’s handy to know where Chests and Ammo Boxes are.

Every player has their favorite POIs in Fortnite. Regardless of whether it’s the current season or the incredibly memorable OG Season, everyone knows where they prefer landing because they’re guaranteed loot and relative peace and quiet. However, knowing where players can loot Chests and Ammo Boxes quickly for the game’s Challenges is knowledge not everyone has.

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The Best POIs to Search a Chest or Ammo Box Within 45 Seconds of Landing in Fortnite OG

Screenshot by Gamepur

There are three POIs that are fantastic locations to search a Chest or Ammo Box within 45 seconds of landing in Fortnite OG. The first is Shifty Shafts. This mine is filled with Chests for players to loot, and they’re all within ten seconds of each other. Players can land inside the mine if they aim their character correctly, meaning they’ll end up standing next to a Chest they can loot comfortably within 45 seconds of landing.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The second POI that’s fantastic for Ammo Boxes and Chests to quickly loot after landing in Fortnite OG is the Meteor. Players will need to wait until the Battle Bus is as close as possible to the meteor before jumping if they want to land on it. There’s a Chest on top and inside the meteor’s caves, as well as Ammo Boxes dotted around it. We managed to find a Jetpack of all items here.

Screenshot by Gamepur

The third POI we use to quickly grab weapons and items once we’ve landed is Pleasant Park. This location is out of the way and underused, so there’s a low chance of being caught out by other players here. It’s also perfect for grabbing Chests because players can land on a building, use their Pickaxe to get inside, and get two or three Chests before 60 seconds has passed. This is where we found a Storm Flip and almost ended our lives in a match.

Note that all of these POIs are specifically for the week 4 version of Fortnite’s map during the Fortnite OG Season. We’ll update this guide with every new version of the map when the Challenge pops up again. The next time around should be at some point during Fortnite Chapter 5.