Is Fortnite OG Season Part of Chapter 4 or Chapter 5?

The Fortnite OG Season is an odd addition to the Fortnite line up, and this guide details to you if it’s a part of Chapter 4 or Chapter 5.


Image via Epic Games

The way Epic Games adds Fortnite’s OG Season seems a bit weird, as it’s being added close to the end of 2023. The OG Season doesn’t follow the traditional Fortnite naming convention, leaving some players wondering if it’s the end of Chapter 4 or the start of Chapter 5.

Thankfully, leading up to the official release of the Fortnite OG Season, there have been a few leaks and confirmations that make it easier to understand everything. These are instrumental in ensuring players know what to expect from any upcoming Fortnite content. Here’s what you need to know about if Fortnite’s OG Season is a part of Chapter 4 or if it’s Chapter 5.

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Will Chapter 4 or Chapter 5 Happen With Fortnite OG Season?

Image via Epic Games

Given the many reports by several data miners and those who have shared leaked content ahead of Fortnite’s OG Season, it’s safe to say that the OG Season will be within Chapter 4.

Not only will it be in Chapter 4, but it’s set to be the final Season in this chapter, and once it concludes, we’ll be making our way over to Chapter 5. Fortnite’s OG Season begins on November 3, 2023, with a live event, and we can expect this Season (and Chapter) to conclude on December 3, 2023.

Multiple leakers have passed around this information as they’ve shared these details. When the Fortnite OG Season arrives, everyone will have a chance to check out the old map with many returning POIs and landmarks; several notable weapons and items will return, alongside several vehicles that haven’t been seen in years.

The entire OG Season is a throwback to Chapter 1, making it ideal for returning and new fans to jump onto the map. There will also be a 50 reward battle pass featuring remixed versions of older skins, blending a style of old and new for all Fortnite players. However, players only have until December 3, 2023, to complete the entire pass to ensure they grab everything they want before it disappears.

When the Fortnite OG Season is over, we expect to see the arrival of Chapter 5, which will be gigantic. We’ll learn more details with upcoming teases and trailers as we draw closer to December 2023.