Best Pokemon To Shiny Hunt To Celebrate Fall (2023)

Pokemon fans are prepping for fall, and what better way to do so than a Shiny hunt? Here are some awesome picks to track down.

Pokemon Best Shiny For Fall 2023

Image via The Pokemon Company

For many players, Pokemon’s motto of “gotta catch ‘em all” includes grabbing all the Shiny variations to fill their collections. Shiny hunting is a popular hobby in and of itself when it comes to the Pokemon games, and there are tons of fun color variations on your favorite species to collect. 

Speaking of changing colors, fall is a great time to jump into Shiny hunting, especially for those inspired by all that greenery turning to a beautiful canvas of reds, oranges, and yellows. If you’re eager to capture those fall vibes, we’ve got you covered with this list of fall-themed Shiny Pokemon you can add to your team to capture the essence of the season. 

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Shiny Bonsly

Image of Shiny Bosly from the Pokemon games
Screenshot via The Pokemon Company

This colorful Shiny variation of Bonsly can be found in Pokemon Go as well as Scarlet & Violet. Bonsly is a Rock-type Pokemon that traditionally looks like a small green and brown tree. With the yellow body and the vibrant reddish-pink hue of the leaves, Bonsly’s Shiny form is the embodiment of fall. If you decide to evolve your Shiny Bonsly, we’ve got good news! The Shiny version of its evolution, Sudowoodo, maintains the brightly colored leaves and yellowish tint, keeping it on brand for the season.

In Pokemon Go, you can get a Shiny Bonsly by hatching a 5km egg. In Scarlet & Violet, you’ll find Shiny Bonsly in the wild, particularly in the Los Platos area where baby Pokemon abound. 

Shiny Shellder 

Image of Shiny Shellder from Pokemon games
Screenshot via The Pokemon Company

As the weather gets colder, who doesn’t want to curl upside their shell? Shellder is a Water-type that has a grey-blue color to its shell in its standard form. Shiny Shellder is an autumn brown color. The shadowy face hiding in the shell also gives a bit of a ghostly vibe for those who want to jump right in to spooky season. Shiny Cloyster doesn’t maintain the fall hues, so avoid evolving your Shiny Shellder until the change of the seasons.

Shiny Shellder can be encountered in the wild in Pokemon Go. In Scarlet & Violet, you’ll want to head for the water to grab this companions. 

Shiny Chespin 

Image of shiny Chespin from Pokemon games
Image via The Pokemon Company

The spiky nut Pokemon Chespin has a headpiece that looks like it’s wearing a little hat, and nothing speaks to fall weather quite like getting your warm hats out of storage. The standard version of this Grass-type Pokemon is a light brown with a green headpiece. The Shiny version’s deeper brown color and reddish brown hat make it look ready for fall. Its evolutions also maintain the fall hues in Shiny form, so you could catch a few and evolve them for a whole family of on-theme Shinies.

Shiny Chespin is available through encounters in Pokemon Go. In Scarlet & Violet, the best method for a Shiny Chespin is through breeding

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Shiny Duskull 

Image of a shiny Duskull from Pokemon
Image via The Pokemon Company

For those of us who associate fall with Halloween, Shiny Duskull is a great addition to your autumn-themed Shiny collection. Duskull is typically a black and grey Ghost-type Pokemon. However, the Shiny version is a nice rust brown color that gives it the air of falling leaves which are also a little bit haunted.  Like most of the others on this list, Duskull’s Shiny evolutions also share its reddish brown color.

Shiny Duskull can be caught in the wild in Pokemon Go, and you may even encounter a Shiny version Cempasuchil Duskull, which wears an orange flower crown. Duskull was just recently added to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in the Teal Mask DLC and you can hunt for a Shiny version.

Shiny Shinx

Image of a shiny Shinx from Pokemon games
Image via Reddit

While Electric-type Shinx is normally a bright blue, the Shiny version of has a great golden-orange hue that looks like the very best of yellow leaves in the fall. Add in the orange coloration of the ears and tail and you’ve got a perfect addition to your themed Shiny collection. Shiny Shinx’s darker, black fur becomes more prominent as it evolves, so you’ll get less and less of that golden hue if your choose raise it into Luxray.

Shiny Shinx can be encountered via raids in Pokemon Go. In Scarlet & Violet you can encounter this companion in the wild, particularly in the North Province where Shinx is common.