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The 10 best VR games for PC

Experience a whole new world.

VR is only growing in adoption across the video game industry, and we will likely continue to see the technology developed as technology becomes more widely available and researched. As technology increases in scope and consumer readiness, games have been walking hand-in-hand, growing in entertainment, immersion, and sheer fun. It’s challenging to separate the vast array of outstanding titles into a best-of list, but it’s time to get your VR legs under you — here are the ten best VR games for PC.

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#10 — The Thrill of the Fight

Image via Sealost Interactive LLC

The Thrill of the Fight is a boxing title that, at first glance, seems relatively straightforward. After fifteen minutes, however, you’re building up a fierce sweat while actually tuning up a few boxing mechanics that work in real life. From dodging to stamina, whether you opt to step into the ring or stick to a training regimen, The Thrill of the Fight is a brilliantly immersive boxing title that not only offers a brilliant workout but is tremendously satisfying to work up from gym opponents to sold-out stadiums in the campaign. Delivering a knockout punch in front of thousands has never felt so satisfying, and many of the skills transition to a real gym.

#9 — Compound

Image via Bevan McKechnie

Compound is a strange pixelized title with a brilliant mix of arcade gameplay and VR immersion, turning fast and frantic gunplay through multiple stages into an addictive dopamine-riddled frag-fest that will not end. The beginning of every run has various modifiers that you can use, ranging from one-hit kills to increasing the number of enemies. Reloading can be a bit frustrating to learn, but the gameplay is so impressively satisfying that you’ll find yourself staring at the pixels until the wee hours of the morning. Use the shotgun to send your foes flying across the office or the grenade launcher for an easy room clear. There’s a gun range at the starting area, so players can experiment with various weapons and get comfortable before diving into the actual game.

#8 — Superhot VR

Image via Superhot on YouTube

While Compound gives frenetic action, Superhot VR plays out like a brilliant strategy of bullets and coffee mugs while still nailing the action sequences. Some aspects of this title can be brutal, but time will still only move when you’re ready for it to. Getting trapped in an elevator or bashing in a thug’s face with a coffee mug invokes a nearly unrivaled sense of violent creativity. VR takes the core gameplay and elevates it into a new sense of immersion and freedom, but players won’t enjoy the free play until they clear the campaign, dampening the title’s overall taste for some. Still, there’s nothing like Superhot VR, with its unique mix of action and strategy.

#7 — Boneworks

Image via BrandonJLa on YouTube

An entire adventure that takes the immersion and controls of VR and brings it beyond what other titles can offer, barring Half-Life: Alyx. The only flawed part of this title is that it ends, as all fantastic things must eventually do. From unique grappling to gravity guns that pull players across the map, the physicality of Boneworks is almost beyond reproach, if not golden standard for VR games moving forwards. This title was released in 2019 and still maintains a pedigree within the industry that others can only hope to approach. Beyond the immersion and gameplay, however, the plot and story are brilliant twists that manage to hold up beyond the novelty of VR.

#6 — Catch & Release

Image via PlayStation on YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted just to be left alone so you can fish peacefully, this title should be the first visit with a VR set. Catch & Release is a criminally underrepresented VR game, but that’s likely due to its luster not showing until players paddle on a small boat and drop a line into the water. With a wide variety of fish to catch, fantastic tunes to listen to, and a brilliant fishing system, Catch & Release takes a small gameplay idea, fishing on a peaceful lake, and masters it. Use other applications to open a stream in the world, or stream your own music to enjoy the vibe while endlessly fishing. Weather patterns and a day/night cycle help players keep track of the endless hours they’ll spend here, but it’s probably not ideal for younger players due to its relaxed pacing. For fishing enthusiasts, though, this might as well be the only game purchased for your VR platform.

#5 — Blade and Sorcery

Image via The Baron on YouTube

If you’ve ever wanted to ram a sword through the face of someone else, Blade and Sorcery give that fantasy a terrific release. That’s just half the title; however — the sorcery comes with gravity control, flames, and electricity that you can use to pulverize any of your foes. With a massive myriad of weaponry to explore, from fencing foils to spears and multiple game modes to work through, not to mention the Blade and Sorcery mods, this is likely one of the most-played VR titles. It’s also constantly getting new content, most recently being a new dungeon to work through, meaning the murder and mayhem never have to end.

#4 — Half-Life: Alyx

Image via Valve on YouTube

It may be sacrilegious for Half-Life: Alyx not to be in the number one spot for this list, but it just misses the cut ever-so-slightly against the fierce competition. The atmosphere and story-telling are top-notch, and the various VR interactions are similarly brilliantly thought-out while finally adding a bit more meat to the starving body that has been the Half-Life universe. For a Half-Life fan new to VR, it doesn’t get better than Half-Life: Alyx. For someone with their VR legs about them, however, this long-awaited Half-Life installment can feel a bit slow with few enemies dotted about otherwise brilliant levels. The long and short of Half-Life : Alyx is this — if you remove the Half-Life world and the decade-plus that gamers have been begging for more, the title simply isn’t the best available, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t disgustingly good.

#3 — Duck Season

Image via BrandonJLa on YouTube

Duck Season hits all the right notes for a VR title — it’s a new idea, makes the most of the VR mechanics, and can stand on its own right without VR gimmickry. Instead, VR elevates the gameplay beyond the sum of its parts. The premise is simple: Mom rented a game similar to Duck Hunt, and you seemingly can’t stop playing it. At the risk of spoiling anything, this game is a horror title, and VR horror is brilliant when done correctly — best not to let the kids frolic about in the late 80s without some warning.

#2 — Sairento VR

Image via Mixed Realms on YouTube

As Half-Life: Alyx is to those new in VR, Sairento VR is for those that have mastered the VR platform. Wall run, flip, slide, dash, wall runs, deflect incoming bullets and melee strikes with wild katanas, and slow time as a cyber ninja in this action RPG that does not let up. Players can select and complete missions for currencies and new weapons, slowly adding new skills, weapons, and abilities to their arsenal. If you’re past the point of VR nausea, Sairento VR will have you sweating bullets while you hack your way through a future Tokyo. If you’re unsure whether you can still feel sick from VR, Sairento will inform you rather quickly.

#1 — Into the Radius VR

Image via CM Games on YouTube

Into the Radius VR holds a special spot in many VR-enthusiast hearts, and for a good reason. A survival game that mixes the like of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. with the gunplay of Hot Dogs, Horseshoes, and Hand Grenades, Into the Radius VR is a brutal game that tests your wits, reflexes, and aim. It takes a little bit to get used to — the knives attached to your arm, opening the navigation, and weapon cleaning are all initially slow burns. Get past the struggles of learning the mechanics, however, and you’ll be treated to a brilliant title that burns brighter with VR immersion. A few nightmares never hurt anyone, right?

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