Best Ways To Handle Haunted Sector Leeches in Destiny 2

There’s a huge issue at the moment with players going AFK during Haunted Sectors matches. Here’s a few fun ways to combat this problem.

Image via Bungie

Guardians are now seeing more scary things happening in Destiny 2, such as pumpkin mini-bosses and bad loot. Apparently, players are making teammates battle these challenges alone, so here are some ways to combat this growing issue.

We’ve all been there in online gaming: you load into a multiplayer instance with a group of strangers and start working on the objectives, but notice at the last moment that you’re quite undermanned. It’s always a frustrating experience, and the thought of having others profit off of your hard work is never something you’d want to accept quietly. Here’s how you can prevent these things from ruining your multiplayer experience—in this case, Haunted Sectors in Destiny 2. Also, be warned, that some of these solutions are quite hilarious.

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Make Sure it’s Not Purposeful

Image via Bungie

Online gaming is a slippery slope in general. There are all kinds of issues, such as slow loading screens, power outages, latency issues, and lag, that can cause players to be unresponsive during gameplay. It’s always courteous to give your teammates a little bit of time to respond when first loading into a Haunted Sector. I tended to spend some time altering my builds before discovering loadouts not too long ago, so it may be that the player is unaware of how to switch builds using the new system. Either way, giving teammates a minute or two never hurts.

Sit And Wait Until They Participate

Image via Steam

The good old classic sit-and-wait tactic is something that’s been around since the dawn of multiplayer gaming. Remember, you’re not required to carry anyone, so if you have the proper emote, it’s always fun to use a chair or even a cross-legged-style sitting emote right in front of the guilty party. Usually, said person will eventually receive the message and spring into action due to a lack of progress. On the other hand, they may do you a favor and leave the party altogether, which will fill in the slot with a hopefully more active new player to help you complete the Haunted Sector.

Commence a Hit and Run

Image via Bungie

Okay, this one is admittedly petty, but it’s a great way to show leechers how that style of gameplay will not be tolerated. So the crux of this method is to group some of the enemies together and drag them to the offending player. If they’re truly AFK in Destiny 2, they’ll of course die with no resistance, but if not, they’ll try to defend themselves. Either way, you’ll then have the choice to play normally or leave the activity in protest of their unacceptable behavior, which will hopefully teach them a lesson.