Camden Park location in Fallout 76

It’s all fun and games…

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Camden Park is one of the under-utilized areas that you may go to throughout your journey across the wastelands of Appalachia in Fallout 76. While this area was once home to lines of people, who gathered to ride the Widowmaker and play the games, Camden Park is now a ghost town, filled to the brim with Scorched. The only workers that remain are the robots that hand out prizes and maintain the games.

Camden Park location

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If you are looking for Camden Park, you will need to travel a good distance away from your home at Vault 76. Start by heading west from Vault 76 to where Point Pleasant is. From there, you can follow the road south out of town along the river. This road will eventually lead you to Camden Park. You will know when you reach the area thanks to the large roller coaster in the area. If you are coming from the eastern side of the map, you will need to go through the Ash Heap. Camden Park can be found to the west of where the Purveyor is at The Rusty Pick.

What to do at Camden Park

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Camden Park is home to three games; The Chow Line, Dross Toss, and Lucky Mucker. You gain access to these games after starting the Mistaken Identity quest. Completing these games will earn you Mr. Fuzzy Tokens that you can use to get prizes from the prize machine. This is a great way to pass the time when you aren’t completing the various public events. Camden Park is also worth searching. Not only can you find various mods, but you can also get a bunch of ammo and weapons, and even find yourself a Bobblehead or two. You can even place your C.A.M.P nearby and farm experience from the nearby Scorched to help yourself level up.