Cyberpunk 2077 Prototype in the Scraper: Should You Send Hasan Back to Zetatech Or Let Him Go?

Is it safe to help Hasan and let him go or will this choice yield you less rewards in Prototype in the Scraper.

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Cyberpunk 2077’s Prorotype in the Scraper is one of Phantom Liberty’s side gigs. This time, Mr. Hands asks V to retrieve a prototype from the hands of the Scavs. Little did they know the prototype would have to be ripped from the head of a Zetatech employee. In an attempt to keep himself alive, Hasan plugged in a prototype chip to his system. I heard last time somebody did that; they ended up having to put up with a millennial terrorist douchebag.

In this guide, we’ll look at whether you should send Hasan back or let him go in Prototype in the Scraper.

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Phantom Liberty Prototype in the Scraper: Send Hasan to Zetatech

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If you choose the option “Calling the Fixer, no fast moves,” this opens up the chance to betray Hasan and send the man back to Zetatech. During the call with Mr. Hands, reveal his coordinates, and the fixer will send an escort to drive him back to his corp the day after. This ends all contact with Hasan but still gets you the same reward as the alternative: 8,000 Eurodollars and 1355 EXP.

Phantom Liberty Prototype in the Scraper: Let Hasan Go

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If you let Hasan go during any instance, you’ll only have the schematics to hand into Mr. Hands. If you’re fully honest with him instead of keeping the truth buried, he won’t be as disappointed in your performance.

Don’t just let Hassan go in the first or second instance to achieve this. Instead, choose the “Calling the Fixer, no fast moves” option, and tell Mr. Hands what has happened with the operation. The schematics should be handed to a man on the next day, and you’ll receive the same rewards: 8,000 Eurodollars and 1355 EXP

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Cyberpunk 2077: What is The Best Outcome to Prototype in the Scraper?

Since the reward is the same whether you hand out the schematics alone or the schematics and prototype together, I think the best choice is to let Hasan go. Because I was playing Corpo Rat and also had a prototype chip engrained in my brain, I could easily relate to Hasan and decided to let the man go while staying honest with Mr. Hands.