DDV: How to Complete A Prince in Disguise in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Help Beast concoct the best apology ever in Disney Dreamlight Valley’s a Prince in Disguise.

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Disney Dreamlight Valley’s A Prince in Disguise is a quest to help the Beast ask Belle for forgiveness for being an overreactive boyfriend, basically. After all, they have to make up before they move their castle to Dreamlight Valley. Completing this quest involves solving some hints to find mirror pieces, plucking a feather out of a villager, and sprucing up the Beast so he’s ready to give his apology speech.

All Three Enchanted Mirror Key Pieces Location in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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AppearanceEnchanted Mirror HintEnchanted Mirror Location
Hidden in a hot place.Use the watering can on the fireplace to get the first Enchanted Mirror piece.
Hidden in a place where silence roars.Use the pickaxe to break the lion statue left to the Beast’s room entrance to get this Enchanted Mirror piece.
Hidden in a thorny placeUse the shovel to dig out the Enchanted Mirror piece in the maze’s center.

Use the three pieces to open the chest in the Beast’s room and then hand the Enchanted Mirror to the beast.

How to Get a Feather to Craft a Book Kit for Belle in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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The villager who will give you a feather for A Prince in Disguise is Scrooge McDuck. Donald, in fact, won’t be willing to cooperate. After speaking with him, all you need is the other ingredients and a crafting station.

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The following items are required to craft a Book Kit: Ask Scrooge McDuck for a Feather.

  • 20x Fiber
  • 3x Purple Falling Penstemon
  • 1x Empty Vial
  • 1x Scrooge McDuck’s Feather

How to Find The Beast’s Grooming Items in A Prince in Disguise

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AppearanceGrooming ItemGrooming Item Location
Princely ShampooNext to the bathtub.
Prince CologneOn a table inside the Beast’s roomn
Beast BrushInside the storage cabinet right to the entrance door

Give all these items to the Beast to complete A Prince in Disguise and unlock the Beast’s Castle in your valley.