Diablo 4 November 30 Campfire Chat: All Announcements

Diablo 4’s next Campfire Chat will detail its upcoming winter event and some quality-of-life improvements coming early next year.


Image via Blizzard

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Diablo 4 players have been treated to a new Campfire Chat this week that touched on several pieces of content coming to the game soon. This includes its first seasonal event, a new pinnacle endgame activity, and some changes coming to Diablo 4 in the near future.

With Season of Blood in full swing, Blizzard is looking to continue working on updates and address feedback from its community of players, and this guide has all the details from the developers latest stream about the ARPG.

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All Announcements from Diablo 4 November 30 Campfire Chat

Image via Blizzard

This Diablo 4 Campfire Chat provided details on some of the upcoming content in the game in December and early next year, including the new content coming in Season of Blood. We’ve separated these by each of the main three topics covered during this Campfire Chat.

Abattoir of Zir

Image via Blizzard

First, Blizzard detailed more on the Abattoir of Zir, a pinnacle endgame activity players can do after finishing the Seasonal Journey.

This involves taking on enemies against a ten-minute timer to eventually defeat a boss, or several, and move up a tier, with each being more challenging than before. This mode will also come with multiple new rewards, such as unique Glyphs for your Paragon Board. However, it’s a tough piece of content, and you only get one live in each run, so if you die, you lose all your progress.

To use Abattoir of Zir activity, you will need to be level 100, completed all the Seasonal Journey, and craft a special Bloodsoaked Sigil with Cinders to activate it. You can then enter this activity in Ked Bardu, and there are 25 tiers to complete in this activity with increasing difficulty.

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This activity is exclusive to Season of Blood and will go away towards the end of the season in January. However, you can expect similar experiences to appear in the future.

Midwinter Blight

Image via Blizzard

We also got details on the upcoming winter event, Midwinter Blight, which will be the game’s first seasonal event. This event goes live on December 12 and runs until January 2, and will see the Fractured Peaks engulfed in a winter storm, with enemies causing chaos in the region and a new Red-Cloaked Horror boss being added for players to defeat.

As you complete tasks and objectives in the area, you’ll unlock new cosmetic items and rewards and a new Aspect and Elixirs that offer EXP bonus and other benefits.

Itemization and Season 3

Image via Blizzard

The team also took some time to discuss itemization, something players have been asking about and voicing their opinions on since the game was released.

While Blizzard did not lay out anything specific, they made it clear that the team is working on some significant changes to loot and itemization that will likely be coming in Season 4, with hints that we could see changes to how affixes work on your items and other big changes that might involve crafting or modifications to gear.

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They also had a few details on season 3: a big change to Helltides, which will now last 55 minutes and be every hour, with 5 minutes of downtime between them, meaning this event will happen much more often going forward. They also detailed improvements to gold trading console, and some changes will be coming in how players can get level 925 gear.

Lastly, they said the next livestream will take play in January, and it will be focused on and reveal the next season of Diablo 4.