Diablo 4 – Where to Farm Gallowvine

This herb is vital to many potions and elixirs players will need in Diablo 4. this guides details where you can find this important material.


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Diablo 4 is filled with a diverse range of items and loot for players to find, including materials and herbs used in potion crafting to prepare elixirs that give you the edge in battle. One of the most commonly used herbs is Gallowvine, which is required in most of the potion crafting in Diablo 4 and is one that players will want to have in hand when needed.

To ensure you have your herbs in order, we’ve put together this guide with details on where to find Gallowvine in Diablo 4 and other methods of getting your hands on this material.

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Where to Find Gallowvine in Diablo 4

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Gallowvine is a very common material in Diablo 4, and as such, can be found in nearly every region of Sanctuary. I had the most luck finding it around forest and dry areas in Scosglen and the Fractured Peaks. A good example is the beginning areas of Fractured Peaks during the start of the campaign, near Lorath’s hut or the Wailing Hills and Strand of Scosglen. In my experience, I found quite a few Gallowvine while exploring and progressing through the seasonal quests, and I imagine others will have the same luck.

Other Methods of Getting Gallowvine in Diablo 4

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If you are a bit unlucky and don’t seem to find any Gallowvine in the wild, there are a few other ways to get your hands on this material. The first is World Events in Scosglen, as finishing these will usually drop several of that region’s plants and other loot.

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Additionally, if you have an abundance of other herbs, you can refine them to Gallowvine by visiting an Alchemist in any of the major cities in Diablo 4. You can refine the following herbs:

  • Biteberry
  • Blightsbane
  • Howler Moss
  • Lifesbane
  • Reddamine

The conversion rate is 1-2-1, so you can choose exactly how much you want to convert depending on your needs.

Uses for Gallowvine in Diablo 4

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Gallowvine is used in plenty of potions and elixirs, making it an important herb to have. You can use this herb to create and upgrade the following potions and elixirs:

Potion Upgrades

  • Tiny Healing Potion
  • Minor Healing Potion
  • Light Healing Potion
  • Moderate Healing Potion
  • Strong Healing Potion


  • Weak Assault Elixir
  • Weak Crushing Elixir
  • Weak Elixir of Cold Resistance
  • Weak Elixir of Fire Resistance
  • Weak Elixir of Lightning Resistance
  • Weak Elixir of Poison Resistance
  • Weak Elixir of Shadow Resistance
  • Weak Iron Barb Elixir
  • Weak Third Eye Elixir