Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Remove Fires in Forgotten Lands (Fire Alarm Quest Guide)

Discover the secret to dousing these vexing flames once and for all.

Forgotten Lands in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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In the cozy life-sim Disney Dreamlight Valley, players are tasked with improving the lives of the beloved Disney characters they meet by completing quests, giving them gifts, and developing friendships. They are also responsible for improvements to the valley as a whole, inviting new residents to build homes, and performing various landscaping tasks around the valley.

The “Remembering” Update in Disney Dreamlight Valley introduces an eagerly awaited enhancement for the Royal Watering Can, enabling players to finally extinguish the fierce green flames that engulf the Forgotten Lands. To unlock this upgrade, players need to complete a quest provided by The Fairy Godmother, which becomes available upon reaching Friendship Level 2 with her. Reaching this level is simple; just give her one of her favorite gifts to instantly increase your friendship. Here are the steps to complete The Fairy Godmother’s quest “Fire Alarm” and gain the ability to remove green fire in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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How to Complete Fire Alarm Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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After reaching Friendship Level 2 with The Fairy Godmother in Disney Dreamlight Valley, she expresses her concerns about how the residents perceive the Forgotten Lands, her home. The valley’s residents, unsurprisingly, aren’t fans of the gloomy atmosphere, ferocious green fire, and overwhelming darkness that engulf the biome.

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To improve the image of the Forgotten Lands, The Fairy Godmother decides to assist the player by performing a magical enchantment on the Royal Watering Can. This enchantment will permanently upgrade the tool, enabling it to extinguish the menacing green flames in the valley. To craft the Icy Enchantment, players need to collect the following items:

  • 3 Tourmaline – Obtained via Mining in Frosted Heights and Sunlit Plateau.
  • 15 Snowball – Obtained via destroying ice blocks or digging in Frosted Heights
  • 5 Dream Shard – Obtained via removing Night Thorns or digging in any biome.
  • 5 Purple Impatiens – Obtained by gathering in Forgotten Lands.
  • 1 Empty Vial – Crafted at any crafting station using 3x Glass.

After obtaining the required items, players can craft the Icy Enchantment at any crafting table in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Once crafted, players are prompted to use the item from their inventory, which will permanently upgrade the Royal Watering Can, allowing them to remove green fire in the Forgotten Lands.

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With the updated Royal Watering Can in hand, players should then head to the Forgotten Lands and locate five patches of green fire for the next part of the quest. To extinguish the fires, they simply need to use the watering can and water the ground, similar to watering a planted crop. Extinguishing the green fire will cause Glass to drop, which can be collected.

Once players have successfully extinguished five fires, they should return to The Fairy Godmother. While she agrees that removing the fires has made the land less frightening, she expresses concerns about its continued darkness and dreariness. To address this, she suggests making some landscape improvements by placing furniture and paths. Players are then given the task of placing the following objects anywhere in the Forgotten Lands:

  • 3 Seating
  • 4 Outdoor Lighting
  • 25 Paths

For this task, players can use any qualifying items in these categories to fulfill her request. Once the items have been placed, they should return to The Fairy Godmother. She will express her gratitude for the player’s noble efforts in improving the Forgotten Lands.

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The Fairy Godmother then mentions that she has something to show the player and leads them to a nearby garden where something is growing. She applauds the player’s actions in extinguishing the flames which were threatening this mysterious plant’s growth. The Fairy Godmother keeps the exact nature of what will grow as a surprise, leaving the player curious and eager to find out. This marks the completion of the quest “Fire Alarm” in Disney Dreamlight Valley, permanently upgrading the Royal Watering Can to remove the green fire in the Forgotten Lands biome.