Disney Dreamlight Valley Park Community Challenge: Dates, Tasks & Rewards

Disney Dreamlight Valley players can now engage in a global Park Community Challenge to earn cool rewards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Parks Community Challenge Rides

Image via Gameloft

Disney Dreamlight Valley is all about bringing the magic of Disney Parks to your virtual world. To that end, the developers are issuing a community challenge to all players to design their own Dreamlight Parks and earn rewards. Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about the Park Community Challenge.

When will the Dreamlight Park Community Challenge take place?

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Park Community Challenge will be live from April 12 until May 31, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to create your own Dreamlight Park and win amazing rewards.

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How to participate in the Dreamlight Park Community Challenge?

Image via Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Park is about capturing Disney Parks’ essence in your own creation. To meet the challenge criteria, your Dreamlight Park should be amusing, clean, green, stylish, and, most importantly, “poppin’.” According to the official Disney Dreamlight Valley blog post, here’s what to do to meet all five themes:

  • Most Amusing Park Achievement – Of course, a theme park is nothing without attractions, right? Place at least one attraction in your Dreamlight Park to qualify for the Most Amusing Park achievement. From Dumbo the Flying Elephant to the Mad Tea Party and Pixar Pal-A-Round, the choices are endless to create a park that will thrill and delight visitors.
  • Cleanest Park Achievement – Next, let’s keep it clean. Disney Parks are known for their pristine cleanliness, so place ample trash receptacles in your Dreamlight Park to earn the Cleanest Park achievement. For a head start, claim a free Magical Recycler using the code “DREAMLIGHTPARK” to keep your park spick and span from the get-go.
  • Greenest Park Achievement – Now, let’s go green in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Disney Parks are famous for their beautiful topiaries, so include some leafy decorations in your Dreamlight Park to earn the Greenest Park achievement. Dreamlight Figment Topiary and Jubilant Topiary are just a few options to add that extra touch of Disney magic to your creation.
  • Most Stylish Park Achievement – Of course, style is everything at Disney Parks, so unlock one of the two new Dream Styles for either Donald Duck or Goofy to qualify for the Most Stylish Park achievement. Then, dress up your favorite Disney characters in fabulous outfits and let them strut their stuff in your Dreamlight Park.
  • Most Poppin’ Park Achievement – Finally, let’s make it poppin‘. Balloons are an iconic symbol of Disney Parks, so be sure to grab plenty of Park balloons from the new Star Path to earn the Most Poppin’ Park achievement.

What are Dreamlight Park’s Community Challenge rewards?

As you work toward meeting the requirements of each achievement in Disney Dreamlight Valley, rewards will be unlocked for every player once enough Dreamlight Parks feature items that count towards each goal. Below are the rewards that can be obtained:

  • 300k Parks Balloons placed globally – Crafted Balloon Decour Pack
  • 350k Trashcans placed globally – Crafted Road & Fencing Pack
  • 400k Topiaries placed globally – Flower Pack
  • 450k Disney Park Dream Styles Unlocked – Iron And Dark Wood Pack
  • 600k Disney Park Attractions Placed – Mystery Disney Parks Item

Though the rewards will surely make your Dreamlight Park even more magical, they have not yet been officially revealed. This guide will be updated with the full list of rewards when it’s available