The rarest mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, and how to get them

Make everyone jealous on the back of a pteranodon.

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Final Fantasy XIV has many different mounts to collect spread across many different forms of content. While there are many easy-to-obtain mounts to find, relentless collectors can earn some truly rare mounts in FFXIV if they have the time and patience to grind through crazy achievement requirements.

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Unlocking All Final Fantasy XIV rarest mounts

10) Pinky Mount

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The Pinky mount enjoys being slightly rare simply because it hasn’t been in the game for long, and the item needed for it has a low chance of dropping. You can add this mount to your collection by getting three Bottles of Exciting Tonic from the Excitatron 6000. However, these only drops from the Gold Chest at the end of the map dungeon, which involves a lot of luck.

9) Magitek Avenger A-1 Mount

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The Magitek Avenger A-1 Mount is a white mechanical gorilla that holds the player in its arms. This mount also has several variants, but it requires a vast amount of work to obtain. Players looking to add it to their collection must complete the Out of Hiding achievement, which requires the character to emerge victorious in a Hidden Gorge campaign 100 times. This is another PvP arena where teams compete to destroy the other’s core.

8) Blackjack Mount

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The Blackjack mount is a giant blimp that costs a whopping four million MGP coins to purchase at the Gold Saucer. This seems absurd, but Square Enix has made sure to make it stand out from the less expensive mounts introduced by allowing up to four friends to ride with you in it. Let’s face it. Who wouldn’t want to ride high in a giant blimp with their friends?

You can purchase this mount at the Manderville Gold Saucer in Thanalan. More specifically, you can speak with the Golden Saucer Attendant at Entrance Square in the Manderville Gold Saucer (X:5.1 Y:6.7) and find the mount under the section titled Prize Exchange III. Four million MGP, however, takes awhile to accumulate.

7) Construct VII Mount

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The Construct VII mount is the last of the PvP mounts on this list. It literally encases the player in a suit of armor, complete with a menacing hammer. It is earned through finishing the One Steppe at a Time V achievement, which requires guiding any of the three Grand Companies to 100 victories at Onsal Hakair. This is another large battlefield where players run around a map to collect points from random nodes.

6) Centurio Tiger Mount

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The Centurio Tiger mount was introduced in Stormblood, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to obtain now. This red-eyed feline requires the player to complete the You Got Game achievement, which has the player defeat 3,000 A rank bosses and 2,000 S rank bosses through The Hunt. This is a massive feat, as these mobs spawn infrequently.

5) Wivre Mount

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The Wivre mount is a giant reptilian rhino mixed with an ankylosaur. While it can be obtained on the Market Board, this mount will set the player back a ridiculous amount of gil. To obtain it, players must collect 500 Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers. These are purchased in either Old Sharlayan or Radz-at-Han for 500 Bicolor Gemstones each. Earning the currency to buy these vouchers requires an immense amount of Shadowbringer or Endwalker Fates.

4) Astrope Mount

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The Astrope Mount is a winged unicorn that is the physical representation of patience in Final Fantasy XIV. To obtain this mount, players must first meet the requirements to become a mentor and unlock the Mentor Roulette. They must then obtain the I Hope Mentor Will Notice Me V achievement, which requires completing a whopping 2,000 duties via the Mentor Roulette.

3) Pteranodon Mount

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Players who want to obtain the Pteranodon mount will have to learn to love crafting and gathering, as they will be doing quite a bit of it. It requires the Castle In the Sky achievement. Crafting turn-ins and gathering materials from the Diadem in the Firmament will earn you Skybuilder’s Points. This achievement has you earn 500,000 points in every Discipline of the Land and Hand job, meaning you must earn 500,000 points for 11 total jobs. This is not a weekend task — it takes patience.

2. Triceratops Mount

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The Triceratops mount is the Shadowbringers evolution of the Centurio Tiger mount. It is earned in a similar manner to the tiger, except you must now slay 2,000 A rank monsters and 1,000 S rank monsters in Shadowbringer zones to earn the Nuts for Nutsy achievement. This is another test of patience and requires a ton of time.

1. Victor Mount

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The Victor mount is a rabid dog creature and is currently extremely rare to see. It is the Endwalker version of the Hunt mount rewards. Players must complete the Endgame Hunter achievement, which requires slaying 2,000 A rank monsters and 1,000 S rank monsters in Endwalker zones. Players looking to score this mount will find their time commitment much less daunting if they seek out Hunt Discord servers or communities, but it will still take a large amount of patience.