Fire Monk Incantations in Elden Ring – what they are and where to find them

Catch the flame, tarnished.

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Fire Monk Incantations are very closely related to Fire Giant Incantations. There’s even an argument to be made that they’re essentially the same category, since the Fire Monks draw their power from the Fire Giants anyway, but we’ve made the distinction here based on the fact that the item descriptions state a clear line between the origins of the categories.

Since these incantations draw on the power of the Fire Giants, they are also buffed by the Giant’s Seal, although there are some exceptions. The seal only buffs damage dealing incantations, and both Flame Sling and Catch Flame appear to, mysteriously, not receive buffs.

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All Fire Monk Incantations

  • Catch Flame: This causes a short burst of flame in a cone in front of the caster. Though it may seem underwhelming, due to its short range and the fact that it’s such a low level incantation, this is an incredibly useful tool for most faith casters. It comes out incredibly quickly and can be used three times in short succession to deal significant damage and stagger many smaller enemies. Combine all this with a low FP cost, and you have the recipe for a potent damage dealing workhorse. You can purchase Catch Flame from Brother Corhyn at the Roundtable Hold, and it’s a starting incantation for Prophets. It requires 8 faith.
  • Surge, O Flame!: This can be channeled to release a stream of flames in front of the caster. While this doesn’t deal much damage for its FP cost, it does have some situational potential due to its ability to lock opponents in a stagger, making it useful for finishing off kills safely. You can purchase Surge, O Flame! after turning in the Fire Monk’s Prayerbook. It requires 9 faith.
  • Flame Sling: This lobs a projectile of flame in front of the caster. As an early level incantation, this is a useful long range option to complement Catch Flame. It isn’t as versatile as early game sorceries or as powerful as some late game incantations, but it deals respectable damage, especially to slow or large enemies. You can purchase Flame Sling from Brother Corhyn. It requires 10 faith.
  • Flame, Cleanse Me: This cures poison and Scarlet Rot in the caster, at the cost of a small amount of damage. This is situational, but incredibly useful when needed, especially given the potency of Scarlet Rot. You can find Flame, Cleanse Me at a Fire Monk encampment to the southeast of the Church of Vows in Liurnia. It requires 12 faith.
  • Whirl, O Flame!: This projects sweeping flames in front of the caster. It’s also very situational and inflexible, even for an incantation. The best use cases seem to be in tight spaces like caverns, since it’s most effective when it can hit grouped up enemies. You can find Whirl, O Flame! on a scarab in Caelid, on the road that travels east out of Limgrave. It requires 13 faith.
  • Flame, Grant Me Strength: This increases physical and fire damage dealt by the caster for 30 seconds. It is incredibly popular for both faith and strength builds, but is limited by its short duration and modest cast speed. You can find Flame, Grant Me Strength just outside the back of Fort Gael. It requires 15 faith.
  • O, Flame!: This causes a burst of flame in front of the caster, much like Catch Flame. Although this deals more damage per cast than Catch Flame, it’s also significantly slower, making it less useful in the vast majority of cases. You can purchase O, Flame! after turning in the Fire Monk’s Prayerbook. It requires 16 faith.
  • Fire’s Deadly Sin: This lights the caster and their surrounding area aflame, dealing damage to enemies in its radius. The best use for this is as a group stagger for smaller enemies. You receive Fire’s Deadly Sin as a reward for finding the Flightless Bird painter location, which is east of the Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau. Fire’s Deadly Sin requires 19 faith.
  • Flame, Protect Me: This greatly reduces the fire damage taken by the caster for a 70 second duration. Naturally, this is very situational, since you’ll only need it in places where you’re facing fire damage. However, in these cases it is very powerful. You can find Flame, Protect Me in a locked room near the beginning of the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave. It requires 24 faith.