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Fortnite: All Find the Force Quests & How to Complete Them

Use the Force to complete every task and become a true Jedi master.

The Fortnite: Find the Force event brings the Star Wars universe back to the game for a limited time. There are new cosmetics to earn or buy and a series of quests stretched over three glorious weeks. This guide explains how to complete every single Find the Force quest, so you don’t have to wait a second longer than necessary to pick up every ounce of Star Wars for your profile.

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All Fortnite: Find the Force Quests & How to Complete Them

Screenshot by Gamepur

Below, we’ve worked through every quest in the Fortnite: Find the Force event and have explained how to complete them. The quests are split into the relevant sections according to when they appeared in Fortnite over the event’s three-week duration.

The Force Within Quests

The following quests and solutions were released for the first week of the Fortnite: Find the Force event.

This Doesn’t Look Like Tatooine… (Land during Find the Force)

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete this quest, you need to land on the map while the Fortnite: Find the Force event is live. You must do this five times, and then the quest will be completed. It’s one of the easiest quests in this list because you can do it without even thinking.

Study the Ways of the Force (Learn Force Abilities at Rift Gates in different matches)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This quest requires you to visit the Rift Gates that will appear on the map in random locations while playing any match in Fortnite while the Find the Force event is on. They appear as red, blue, and green markers on the map. At the Rift Gates, you’ll meet one of three Star Wars characters; Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Darth Maul. Interact with them to learn a Force Ability such as Force Push, Force Pull, or a devastating Sith move. Each Rift Gate interaction will also give you a Lightsaber.

The Republic’s army is well-stocked for combat (Search a Republic Chest)

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can find Republic Chests at any of the new Star Wars-themed tents that have been set up on Fortnite’s map. Storm Troopers even guard some. These chests are large and have the Republic’s insignia on the top. You’ll be given a location for all of these chests when you first take this quest on, but you’ll need to look out for them while running around in future matches. These chests award Star Wars weapons such as the DC-15 Blaster Rifle, which you’ll need for other quests.

Anyone who stands against the Separatists is an ally to the Republic (Hire a character)

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete this quest, hire any character on the map. You’re given a location for the various characters you can hire with the quest, so pick your favorite and then move on to another quest.

We have reports of enemy activity in the area (Damage an enemy player that is wielding a Lightsaber or DC-15 Blaster)

Screenshot by Gamepur

To complete this quest, you must defeat another player using one of the Star Wars weapons in a match. This could be a Lightsaber or DC-15 Blaster, but you won’t get far without one of your own. We recommend visiting a Rift Gate to get a Force Ability and Lightsaber of your own so you can make short work of any players with Star Wars weapons you come across in the future.

Use your powers wisely (Destory objects with Force Abilities or a Star Wars weapon)

Screenshot by Gamepur

For this quest, you need to head to get a Star Wars weapon or Force Abilities and wreck everything you see. We found that the best way to do this is with a Lightsaber because the attacks are fast and powerful. Visit one of the Rift Gates during a match to get yours and start tearing named locations apart.

You’ll be happy you have this in combat (Collect ammo at named locations)

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you track this quest, you’ll be given a set of locations where you must gather ammo from. Visit one of them and collect ammo from spawn points, chests, and other containers. Collecting the ammo other players drop when defeated counts as long as you’re within the boundary of a location, so don’t be shy about attacking anyone that comes too close.

An elegant weapon for this civilized age (Launch Kinetic Ore with a Star Wars weapon)

Screenshot by Gamepur

When you track this quest, you’ll be given the location of Kinetic Ore on the map as a marker. Drop there and look for the nearby tents to grab a Star Wars weapon. You could also drop further away and head to a Rift Gate for a Lightsaber on the way. Once you have a Star Wars weapon, shoot or hit the Kinetic Ore, the blue rocks around the marked location, until they bounce around and fly off. Do this twice, and you’ll complete the quest.

Now this isn’t podracing! (Travel distance on foot at night)

Night comes toward the end of a match in Fortnite, so you’ll need to survive until the final 10 to 20 players to complete this quest. All you need to do is run while it’s nighttime, nothing more.

Now this is Podracing! (Travel distance in vehicles)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is another very simple quest to complete. Drop on the map, preferably somewhere you know there’s a vehicle, and drive around until you’ve racked up enough distance for the quest to complete. Any vehicle will do, but we found that bikes were best because they travel better across all terrain.

Be prepared to fight any Separatists you find (Survive Storm phases)

This is a three-stage quest that’s pretty simple to complete. Survive Storm Phases across all the matches you play. You’ll work your way through each stage naturally as you survive until later in a match. Every Storm Circle that closes counts as surviving, so keep playing, and you’ll complete this quest in no time.

You must be ready to fight where you’re most needed (Travel distance while sprinting, sliding, and on foot)

Screenshot by Gamepur

This is another three-stage quest that’s fairly easy to complete. First, you need to travel a distance while sprinting. You can do this quickly by sprinting, passing to let your stamina refill, and sprinting again. Next, must travel while sliding, which requires you to sprint and press the crouch button. As with sprinting, you slide, wait, and slide again as you travel to complete this quickly. Finally, you’ll just need to travel on foot, which is easy to do. Pick a direction and run. That’s it. You’ll find that this quest is completed in the background because you should do everything that’s required of you in every match you play.

This guide will be added to as more quests are released.

How to get Star Wars weapons

Screenshot by Gamepur

You can get Star Wars weapons from three sources. You can search Republic Chests, interact with characters at Rift Gates, or speak to Storm Troopers at tents around the map. The Storm Troopers will sell you the DC-15 Blaster, and the Rift Gates give you a Lightsaber, both of which have infinite ammo.

How to Get Sith Holocrons

Screenshot by Gamepur

Sith Holocrons are required to unlock one of the best rewards from the Fortnite: Feel the Force event, the Sith Infiltrator Glider. To collect them, you must complete three sets of twelve quests during the event. This requires you to effectively complete every quest that’s added to the event over the course of its duration. You can’t find these in a match, you’ve just got to persevere and complete most of the quests in this guide.

Is the Find the Force Premium Track Worth it?

Screenshot by Gamepur

The Fortnite: Find the Force event brings with it a new Battle Pass. It has a free and premium track, but you’ll need to spend 1,000 V-Bucks for that Premium Pass, regardless of whether you’ve already paid for this season’s Battle Pass. If you love Darth Maul and want the skin you get from the premium track, plus the two Storm Trooper skins, then this pass is worth it. If you just want to engage with the gameplay aspects of Star Wars and don’t care about cosmetics though, we’d recommend you skip the premium pass. For example, we enjoy the prequel movies and will be spending the V-Bucks we’ve earned from the Battle Pass on this premium track so we can get everything on offer.

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