Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 Week 3 – weekly map challenges

All the Season 3 Week 3 challenges.


A new week in Fortnite means more map challenges to complete. Just like always, the challenges will send us all around the map, performing various actions to try to get some of that sweet XP so we can upgrade our Battle Pass and get some nice new skins and items.

Each challenge is worth 35,000 XP, and all eight will give us a total of 280,000 XP when they are completed. They normally don’t take all that long to finish up, and the theme for this season seems to be that challenges are going to be pretty basic.

Just like last week, this week’s challenges are fairly basic and seem to be a way for Epic to give out free XP rather than serious challenges player skills. You will be searching chest sand ammo boxes, killing other players, dancing, doing damage, and destroying things. There are a few that might prove a little awkward, so we will have full guides available when all of the challenges go live in-game on Thursday, July 2.

There will also be a new Build-A-Brella challenge, and a new Aquaman challenge available this week, and we will have guides for those just as soon as they go live.