Fortnite Spire Challenges part 2 – all Tower Quests

Further mysteries are being revealed.

Image via VastBlast on Twitter

The new Fortnite update is here, which means people are already digging around inside the files to find out what they can before the servers come back online. These challenges come to us courtesy of iFireMonkey, who has one again super-sleuthed his way into the update.

Because these are just leaks, we cannot be sure how accurate they are, but we will be updating this article and posting full guides for each step as soon as the servers come back online.

We get the feeling that a lot the above is simple filler to avoid any spoilers, as the Spire challenges from two weeks ago were far more complicated and involved than this. At the moment, we are just waiting for the servers to come back up so we can dive into the game and start exploring properly.

This guide is under construction.