Gotham Knights’ ending, explained

What happened to Bruce?

Image via Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

After the spectacular Batman Arkham series, a new game comes over and presents us with a whole new story in the DC universe without our favorite superhero. Gotham Knights is a game set in a parallel universe to the critically acclaimed Arkham games, where Batman has finally kicked the bucket and it is now time for the Bat-family to take over. Though Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood are all great characters, many of you are wondering what happened at the end, with the sudden appearance of Bruce Wayne. Here is Gotham Knights’ ending explained, so you won’t have to wonder how and why Batman is back.

What happened at the end of Gotham Knights

After exploring Talia Al Ghul’s research lab, and walking down creepy tunnels of the fallen Batcave, the players will find Talia standing next to a huge Lazarus Pit. After talking a bit with her, you will learn that the Lazarus Pit not only can bring someone from the brink of death to life, but it can also corrupt the mind of the healed person. By using its mystical powers, Talia managed to revive Bruce Wayne, but turned him to her side.

This is when the players will have to defeat corrupt Bruce and make him come back to normal. After being brought to his knees, Bruce finally recognizes the character you brought to the fight, just for Talia to accidentally stab him in the back. At this point, the player will have to defeat Talia while the Court of Owls watches over.

Once you get through Talia’s second phase, she will finally retreat, and the Court will send its armies to finish you off. At this point, Bruce will tell the player to run as he prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice, praising the Gotham Knights, condemning the actions of the Court, and destroying the Lazarus Pit in the Batcave, once and for all.

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After Bruce’s final sacrifice, the player will display a video message to all the citizens of Gotham, promising to keep up Batman’s legacy and to keep the city and its people safe. The players will also witness a touching moment between Bruce and the Bat-family, as he records one of the many pre-emptive death messages. We then realize that the Knights were nostalgically watching the video together, and the game cuts to the credits.

From the looks of it, Batman is finally dead (at least until a sequel) and Talia and the Court of Owls get away with it in the end. However, with the promise to bring them to justice from the Knights, only time will tell what will happen to these villains next.