Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC – How to Complete The Stars in Their Eyes

Discover a cult and fight your first boss.


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The Stars in Their Eyes is the third main quest in the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West. It’s a turbulent time for Aloy and Seyka since both are keeping secrets from each other, and it’s all about to come to a head in this bombastic mission. This guide explains how to complete The Stars in Their Eyes, covering the Words of Attainment, tips for the boss, and the lore implications of the quest.

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The Stars in Their Eyes Walkthrough

Below, we’ve outlined how to complete The Stars in Their Eyes in easy-to-follow steps. You can also find any specific puzzle solutions under their own heading. Read through at your own pace, or scroll to the part where you’re stuck if you just need a quick hint to help you move on.

Step 1: Shut Down the Shield

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You’ll start the quest on Seyka’s boat, sailing to a new location in the Burning Shores. This is where the signal you uncovered in the previous quest, Heaven and Earth, was being sent. Follow the objective marker to the top of the hill, where you’ll find a campfire and a cave. The path forward is inside that cave, but a shield is blocking your way. To shut that shield down, you need to disable the power generators on the nearby Horus legs, but there’s a problem.

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Actually, there are two problems, both of which are Bileguts. Taking these machines down is quite the slog, even with Seyka beside you. Focus on destroying the drones that fly around these machines, then attack their underbelly. If you pop their acid sacs, it’ll cause damage over time and weaken them to your attacks. Use that opportunity to remove as many parts as possible because that causes the most damage. You may want to think about changing your Outfit to one of the new ones in the DLC to combat these enemies better. We found that spears and arrows were the most effective because they allow you to be precise with your hits. Once you’ve destroyed these Bileguts, make sure you take the time to comb the area for parts. They’re useful in upgrading the new Outfits you can buy in the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC.

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With the Bileguts down, you can now head over to each of the blue pulsing engines on the Horus legs and shut them down. There’s a nice mechanic here that shows Aloy opening up a power supply before Seyka destroys it, showing that neither of them could have done this without the other. Shutting these down opens up the cave, and nothing you’ve done so far will prepare you for what’s inside.

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You’ll find all the missing Quen people when you get into the cave. The thing is, they’re happy to be there. They seem to be brainwashed or are gullible enough to believe they will receive Zenith immortality if they do everything Walter Londra tells them. Aloy and Seyka make up a story to get inside, but the situation only grows stranger.

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The next chamber is filled with holograms made by Londra, each one making him seem more like a deity than a person. It’s clear he’s taken advantage of the fact that the Quen worship ancient humans, presenting himself as a living ancestor and developing a cult around him with only those who will accept him as their leader. That’s why so many Quen have simply disappeared. They came here willingly. Take your time to explore this area because there’s a lot to take in.

Step 2: Access the Ascension Chamber

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All the Quen here are undergoing a review until they learn the Words of Attainment, which will allow them to enter the Ascension Chamber and learn more about Londra’s vision for them. Aloy and Seyka can’t enter this place because they don’t know the Words of Attainment, and it takes weeks to learn them, apparently. However, there’s a quick way to learn these that we’ve outlined below.

How to Learn the Words of Attainment Fast

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To quickly learn the Words of Attainment, interact with every hologram or person in this chamber. There are three points to interact with, two of which are holograms, and one is an old Quen friend of Seyka’s. Once you’ve done this, speak to Otosu, the Quen who left the Chamber of Ascension while you were outside of it. He will be reluctant to tell you the words, but if you choose the dialogue option forDedication,” he’ll willingly tell you the Words of Attainment.

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Now you know the Words of Attainment, head back to the door, and you’ll be let through. As with every chamber in this quest, the next one will further blow your mind.

Step 3: Scan the Rocket and Escape

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Inside the Ascension Chamber is a rocket. Not just any rocket, one that Londra is planning to use to escape Earth before Nemesis shows up to destroy everything. This chamber is filled with loot, so take your time exploring to gather as much as possible before you get close enough to scan the rocket.

To progress the quest, you need to scan two places on the rocket and one area above it in the Horus machine. Aloy explains that Londra has managed to get the Horus printer working again and used it to build his rocket. He was at the ruin you visited previously because he wanted the rocket engine design. The one that will kill everything within a thousand miles if it’s ever used. Things come to a bit of a head between Aloy and Syka, and then Zeth shows up with a bunch of warriors.

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This triggers an alert state in the chamber, and now all the Quen warriors are descending on you. Kill the initial onslaught before rushing into the newly opened doors on either side of the chamber to disable the lockdown via three computers. Turn all three off, and you’ll be able to return to the entrance and face off against Zeth, who has a Zenith weapon.

How to beat Zeth

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Zeth is weak to Acid and Electricity damage, but if you have neither, Plasma works well against him too. Shoot off his armor and then nail the squishy bits with as many arrows and spears as you can. His Zenith weapon fires fast projectiles that you can take cover from. However, if he hits you with a tracking shot, your best bet is to run and dodge as the bullets fall because they’ll all be aimed at you. This boss fight is tough but not impossible. Revive Seyka every time she’s downed, and you should have the space needed to hit Zeth enough times to kill him and trigger the ending cutscene.

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After the fight, Aloy explains the Nemesis situation to Seyka, and she runs off back to Fleet’s End to report on the mission. Aloy feels terrible to burden Seyka with this information while she’s looking for her sister, but there was no other option if the pair are going to keep working together. Pick up Zeth’s Zenith weapon to gain the Specter Gauntlet.

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As you exit the base, you’ll see that the Quen here have been told that Londra doesn’t want them anymore. Their faith is shattered, and it’s unclear if they’ll return to Fleet’s End or try to maintain their setup where they are. Either way, they’re not best pleased with Seyka and Aloy.

What is the Specter Gauntlet?

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The Specter Gantlet is a Zenith weapon given to Zeth by Londra. It’s incredibly powerful, armed with a lock-on shot that will automatically fire all projectiles to a single location without aiming. It can also be upgraded to include a railgun, though you’ll need to complete a few side quests to gather the parts needed.