How do season objectives work in Diablo 3?

Get that (not-so) cuddly bear!

Image via Blizzard

With each new season in Diablo 3 comes season objectives. Accomplishing these gets you closer and closer to the seasonal rewards, which give you full gear sets for your favorite characters. Each season the objectives rarely change, but knowing what you’re up against makes it easier to beat the challenges efficiently. So let’s go over what’s between you and some sweet loot.


To get the base rewards of your favorite class’s gear set, a portrait frame, and a pet, you have to play through four chapters of objectives. There are roughly fifteen-ish objectives in each chapter. They all exist to help you get stronger, explore the Adventure Mode maps, and try out crafting to its fullest. There are four different categories that these objectives fit into: artisans, crafting, boss, and Adventure Mode.

Artisan goals

Fulfilling artisan goals is pretty easy. Most of the time, you just need money, which Diablo games have an abundance of. At the higher levels you do need more niche ingredients like Demon’s Breath, but it just means you have to get to Torment difficulty and beyond faster. Overall, fully level up your Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Mystic and be prepared to do a few small artisan tasks, like creating certain level gear, using transmogs, and playing around with upgrading gems.

Crafting goals

These objectives are all about working on your gear crafting. And no, not the kind you do with a specific artisan. Often, these include equipping gems and deconstructing weapons. For example, the objectives list for all four chapters has several Kanai’s Cube interactions, including retrieving the cube. From there, swap out gear traits and deconstruct Legendary items to your heart’s content.

Boss goals

Even though most seasonal gameplay happens in Adventure Mode, these objectives could basically be called the “plot goals”, too. The game just makes sure you fight all the most important bosses throughout the game. However, do note that your level matters in these. You may have to fight Diablo and Belial, but your objectives may require you to fight them at levels 50, 60, or 70.

Adventure Mode goals

This is where Adventure Mode shines. The Greater Rifts, Keywardens, and Bounties are all vital factors in getting all your objectives done and efficiently leveling up your character. While you can play most of a season in Story Mode, it just helps streamline the whole situation. Fair warning, though: Greater Rifts can take some time, so feel free to go down in difficulty a bit if it makes them go by faster.

Bonus objectives

You get the majority of your rewards by playing the main four chapters, but there are more personal challenges beyond that. You can play through Slayer, Champion, Destroyer, Conqueror, and Guardian objectives to get new borders and prove how powerful your character really can be. These goals focus more on Keywardens and their whole deal, as well as finding and destroying the Treasure Goblin Realm. But if you want to brag about how good you are (and possibly get the demon pet at the end of Guardian) you need to get cracking. Because while the other objectives take time, these are a whole new level.