How to get your season rewards in Diablo 3

Don’t miss out on ANY of your loot!

Image via Blizzard

The most exciting part of each Diablo 3 season is the season rewards. Sure, having goals and new content is a blast for every grind-loving Diablo fan, but nothing is quite like the sweet success of new gear. After all, all that dungeon-crawling is a constant hunt for the best items and weapons to make your character even stronger. As season 24 reaches its close, let’s go over how to get that sweet, sweet loot you’ve earned.

Unfortunately for overachievers, there is no way to get your season rewards until the season is over. So, even if you rebirth your favorite Monk and get them through all 11 collections of challenges in a single week, your rewards will be on hold. You can reset two more characters to the beginning and earn rewards for them, but otherwise, the goals part of your seasonal adventure is over. You just have to wait until the end to get your new gear and pets.

Where will you get your rewards?

Once the season is over, your rewards will show up automatically in your inventory. The gear will be in each of the applicable character’s inventory or chest and your pets will be auto-added to your profile. Now, you can use them freely in free-play — until your rebirth your character again next season.

Don’t forget about your old items

Post-season, you do have to get your pre-season gear back, but it’s less intuitive than getting your new stuff. Instead, the game will send your character a message and you have to open it and reclaim your old gear for it to appear in your game. Otherwise, after 30 days, that gear will disappear forever.

Though your character has cool new stuff, be careful not to forget your old faves. Starting back over from scratch when you had Torment-level gear waiting in your chests is not fun.