Where to find Kanai’s Cube in Diablo 3

The Barbarians hold one of Sanctuary’s greatest treasures

Image via Blizzard

One of the most useful tools of the entire Diablo series has been the collection of mystical Cubes used by the Horadrim to create powerful gear and weapons that shape the fate of the world. In Diablo III, that comes in the form of Kanai’s Cube, an invaluable and beloved addition to the game. But, the path to this ancient artifact can be a little convoluted, so let’s break it down.

What is it?

Kanai’s Cube is, for all intents and purposes, the in-game successor to the Horadric Cube. Just like that awesome tool, it lets players fuse ingredients, gems, gear, and other things to create something new. Kanai’s Cube is a little more complicated, though. This is canonically because Kanai’s Cube was created first, but was deemed too powerful. Ergo, the Horadrim created a less potent Horadric Cube to be used in its place. Then, they left Kanai’s Cube in the care of the Barbarians of Sescheron, atop Mount Arreat.

Inside Mount Arreat

You can reach Mount Arreat during Act III of the game. However, it’s only there in Adventure Mode, not the main campaign. There, you can visit Sescheron and the Barbarians. It’s now overrun with demons after Baal destroyed their home to corrupt the Worldstone in Diablo II. Though you can go there at any point in Adventure Mode, make sure to talk to the ghost of Zoltun Kulle first. If you don’t have the mission from him, Kanai’s Cube will be guarded by an immovable shield. After you get the mission from him, explore the randomized map of The Ruins of Sescheron. From there, find and enter the Elder Sanctum, which holds the lost tomb of the ancient king.

However, don’t get confused: if you find a throne room with a line-up of spectral barbarians and the corpse of the dead king, that’s not where the cube is. The ancient king’s actual tomb will be in another part of the map, so explore the whole Elder Sanctum until you find a different pillared tomb with the Immortal Throne and a floating, glowing gold cube waiting for you.

If you’re a seasonal player, you do have to find Kanai’s Cube again each time a new season starts. So, if you find it for Season 24, you’re going to have to go to the Barbarian ruins all over again for Season 25.

What can it do?

Kanai’s Cube is a useful tool to bend the game to your will, trying to make the most effective items and gear possible. So, let’s give a quick overview of all the things your new favorite Cube can do:

  • Breaking down Legendary items to use their special effects as passive traits
  • Converting crafting materials from one type to another
  • Converting gems
  • Opening portals to unique areas, like the Treasure Realm and Whimsyshire (AKA Not The Cow Level)
  • Rerolling stats on Legendary items
  • Converting certain items of a set into different items from the same set
  • Upgrading Rare items into Legendary items
  • Removing character level requirements